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Pleasure and business

The first goal of the Ilo ja LiiKe project is to promote the psychological, physical and social well-being and functional capacity of the municipality's citizens over 65 through exercise. Another focus of the project is the development of the physical lifestyle of young adults (18-29 years) by improving participation and promoting the accessibility of services for the target group.

The project is planned for the years 2023–2024 and state aid has been received from the Regional Administration Agency for both years.


In the Ilo ja LiiKe project, the individual is seen as an independent actor and his agency is strengthened.

The priorities of people over 65 are to develop balance, strength, body control and prevent loneliness. The project also develops exercise counseling for the elderly and a chain of exercise services. The purpose is to create water sports opportunities for those municipal residents for whom other forms of sports are excluded.

The priorities of young adults (18-29 years) are to create opportunities to participate in well-being coaching at a low threshold and to be involved in planning forms of exercise that can be implemented for their own target group.

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