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A child plays a dice game in preschool.
Photo: Jenniina Nummela

Child-friendly Riihimäki

Large mint green r-shaped logo with different colored handprints inside.The city of Riihimäki received the Child-Friendly Municipality recognition from Unicef ​​in the spring of 2023.

The purpose of the child-friendly municipality operating model is to promote the realization of children's well-being and rights in the municipality. In practice, this means, for example, that

  • children are treated equally as residents of the municipality,
  • children are included in the planning, evaluation and development of services,
  • every child is guaranteed equal opportunities to participate,
  • decision-making uses the knowledge of children and young people about their own everyday life and
  • the child's right to a sufficient share of society's resources is reflected in the municipality's budget.

Riihimäki Children's Parliament is part of the Child-friendly municipality activity.

In Riihimäki, the coordination group established in spring 2020 is responsible for the development work

Information about UNICEF training    

Riihimäki's Child-friendly municipality coordination group hopes that as many people as possible will have the opportunity to participate in the training General introduction to the Child-friendly municipality model on May 14 from 9 to 10.30:XNUMX a.m. In the general introduction, the main principles and work steps of the model are reviewed. In addition, we will familiarize ourselves with the basics of evaluating child effects. General orientation is organized via Teams.

The general orientation is aimed at all operators of the municipalities and welfare areas involved in the model. More information and participation link.

On behalf of the coordination group, group chairman Hannele Saari.

  • Hannele Saari, chairman of the coordination group, representative of the city board

    Minna Belik, vice-chairman of the coordination group, representative of the education and welfare board

    Lyti Aaltonen, energy sector, acting responsible cultural producer

    Outi Ervasti, education and well-being industry, head of education

    Mirva Harju, administration and group branch, communication expert

    Arja Hietanen, technical branch, transport coordinator

    Petri Hirvonen, administration and group division, director of administration

    Niina Honko, education and well-being sector, library director

    Kari Jukarainen, education and well-being department, principal of Riihimäki high school and adult high school

    Jenny Kankaantähti, representative of the youth council

    Liisa Kauppi-Haarma, culture and well-being sector, expert in learning and well-being support

    Iris Kekki, president of the youth council

    Marjo-Kaisa Konttinen, culture and well-being industry, well-being coordinator

    Marko Laitinen, education and welfare sector, youth service manager

    Niina Matkala, energy industry, acting vitality leader

    Milla Nikkinen, Riihimäki parents' association, representative of the associations

    Veera Nurmo-Jousmäki, executive director, Kanta-Häme welfare area

    Okko Lausmaa, representative of the youth council

    Mari Rissanen, culture and well-being sector, head of early special education unit

    Karoliina Salminen, culture and well-being sector, project coordinator

    Minttu Särssi, education and welfare sector, coordinator of immigrant education

    Marisa Tanner, administration and group branch, integration specialist

    Iida Toikka, executive director, youth services of the Kanta-Häme welfare area

    and Riihimäki MLL ry., representative of associations

    Minttu Vettenterä, Riihimäki development disability support association, representative of the associations

    Kirsi Väliheikki, Riihimäki evlut. – parish, leading early childhood education instructor

    Marjut Helenius, secretary of the coordination group, Unicef ​​liaison person

    In the photo, the members of the Child-Friendly Municipality coordination group who participated in the close meeting in December 2022.

Watch the video about UNICEF's Child-Friendly Municipality model

Skip the embedding: UNICEF's introductory video of the Child-friendly municipality model.

UNICEF's introductory video about the Child-friendly municipality model.

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