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Two children are walking along the Vahteristo nature reserve nature trail
Photo: Jenniina Nummela

Working and holiday hours

On this page you will find the semesters, vacation days and periods of the current and future academic years, as well as instructions for absences.

  • Fall semester 9.8 August–22.12.2023 December XNUMX
    Spring semester 8.1 January–1.6.2024 June XNUMX


    • autumn holiday 16.–22.10.2023 (week 42)
    • Independence Day 6.12.2023 December XNUMX
    • Christmas vacation 23.12.2023 December 7.1.2024–XNUMX January XNUMX
    • winter holiday 19.–25.2.2024 (week 8)
    • Easter 29.3.–1.4.2024
    • May Day 1.5.2024 May XNUMX
    • Maundy Thursday 9–12.5.2024 May XNUMX


    • 1st period: 9.8 August–15.10.2023 October 32 (weeks 41–XNUMX)
    • 2st period: 16.10 August–31.12.2023 October 42 (weeks 52–XNUMX)
    • 3st period: 1.1 August–17.3.2024 October 1 (weeks 11–XNUMX)
    • 4st period: 18.3 August–1.6.2024 October 12 (weeks 22–XNUMX)
  • Fall semester 8.8 August–20.12.2024 December XNUMX
    Spring semester 7.1 January–31.5.2025 June XNUMX


    • autumn holiday 14.–20.10.2024 (week 42)
    • Independence Day 6.12.2024 December XNUMX
    • Christmas vacation 21.12.2024 December 6.1.2025–XNUMX January XNUMX
    • winter holiday 17.–23.2.2025 (week 8)
    • Easter 18.–21.4.2025
    • May Day 1.5.2025 May XNUMX
    • Maundy Thursday 29.5.2025 May XNUMX


    • 1st period: 8.8 August–13.10.2024 October 32 (weeks 41–XNUMX)
    • 2st period: 14.10 August–29.12.2024 October 42 (weeks 52–XNUMX)
    • 3rd period: 30.12.2024/16.3.2025/1–11/XNUMX/XNUMX (weeks XNUMX–XNUMX)
    • 4st period: 17.3 August–31.5.2025 October 12 (weeks 22–XNUMX)
  • The guardian must inform the class teacher or class supervisor of the reason for their child's absence. For absences other than due to illness, the guardian must request permission in good time.

    In elementary school, the class teacher or class supervisor grants a student permission to be absent from school for a maximum of five days. The principal decides on the granting of exemption from teaching for periods longer than those mentioned above.

    You can request an exemption from schoolwork in Wilma.