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Resource-wise Riihimäki

Riihimäki's environmental policy was approved by the city council on June 6.6.2022, 2030, and its theme is Resource Wise Riihimäki 2035. The environmental policy is the implementation program of the RakasRiksuXNUMX city strategy, which is used to steer towards the target state according to the strategy.

With environmental policy, we implement Riihimäki's commitments as a pioneer municipality of the Fisu network (Finnish Sustainable Communities). It is implemented with the help of an environmental system.

You can familiarize yourself with the environmental policy from this link.

As a goal, resource-wise Riihimäki 2030

The city of Riihimäki is working towards zero emissions, zero waste and sustainable consumption of natural resources. In 2030, the city of Riihimäki will be resource-wise and carbon neutral. Fossil energy sources have been replaced by renewable ones. Consumption has decreased and the use of natural resources has shifted from virgin material to recycled materials.

Riihimäki's urban structure is intact and dense, and local services are within walking distance. Cycling, walking and public transport are the most common modes of transportation. Movement is almost emission-free.

Diverse nature is nearby and easily accessible. The living environment is safe, healthy and comfortable, and encourages a sustainable lifestyle. The people of Riihimäki bear responsibility for the environment through their own activities. Riihimäki's companies promote the circular economy in their operations and develop low-carbon circular economy solutions.

  • The environmental report of the city of Riihimäki tells about the implementation of the city's environmental policy, gathers together the work done for the environment during the year and examines the development with the help of monitoring indicators. In the latest report of the council term, an overview of the environmental work of the entire past council term is created. The reports also highlight projects and events that support environmental protection. The environmental report is published annually in conjunction with the financial statements.

    You can read the latest environmental report from this link.

  • The city of Riihimäki has an environmental system in use, which is used to implement environmental policy across the entire city. The basic principles of the environmental system are continuous and systematic improvement of the level of environmental issues, compliance with legislation and prevention of environmental pollution. The core of the system is the city's environmental policy, which is strengthened every council term. The environmental policy and its environmental goals guide the consideration of the most significant environmental aspects in the city's operations and decision-making.

    The environmental goals presented in the environmental policy are

    1. Carbon-neutral energy production and consumption
    2. Sustainable movement and eco-efficient urban structure
    3. Sustainable consumption of natural resources and circular economy
    4. Diverse nature and a comfortable living environment
    5. A responsible mountaineer.

    The city's environmental system is a simplified version of the international ISO 14001 environmental system standard.

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Coordination of the city's environmental system work, reporting and environmental training, circular economy and resource wisdom work, stakeholder cooperation and environmental communication