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On a park bench, a man plays the guitar and a woman plays the flute.
Photo: Pixabay

Universal guitar and universal flute project


The Board of Education granted in 2017 and 2019 Riihimäki Music College project grant for the development of general guitar and general flute subjects. The main goals of the project are the diversification of flute and guitar playing lessons, an instrument-oriented understanding of the basics of music, the creation of learning materials and the creation of a digital learning environment on the Google Drive platform. Guitar teacher Marko Kampman and flute teacher Markku Hirvonen are participating in the project.


The project has been implemented from January 14.1 to December 17.12.2018, 2018. In addition, follow-up projects 2019-XNUMX.


Grant from the Board of Education for basic art education development projects that fall within the scope of the state contribution per teaching hour.

About the project

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