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Employment services

Riihimäki city's employment services offer services for job seekers and employers from Riihimäki.

We promote the employment of city residents through work trials, wage support employment, job coaching and summer jobs, in active cooperation with employers, the TE office and educational institutions.

Riihimäki Recycling center works as part of employment services and offers e.g. work trial and wage support work for job seekers from Riihimäkä in versatile jobs. Kierrätyskeskus also offers periods for mapping the remaining work ability for partially able-bodied people heading into working life.

For employers, we offer our expertise related to targeted recruitment of factors and services that facilitate employment. With our services, we want to support the vitality of companies in Riihämäki and increase the chances of success in finding skilled employees.

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Employment services

Employment services

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Ågren Mika, Employment expert

+050 464 4837

Peltomäki Reija, Job coach

+040 645 3206

Erja Salonen, Work Planner

+050 372 6272

Lindblom Jyri, Work supervisor, Recycling Center, Technical work

+040 330 4169

Miettinen Nina, Work Operations Supervisor, Recycling Centre

+050 359 5755

Mikaela Westerlund, director responsible for customer service, Kierrätyskeskus

+050 567 4167

Luhtanen Kati, Work activity supervisor, Recycling Center, Store and transport

+040 330 4239

Vitikka-Yrjölä Selja, Employment Manager

+050 344 6208

Sokka Mari, Work operations supervisor

+050 3630 349

Daoud Viktoriya, Job coach

040 8259450