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Timetables and routes

R transport buses on the map

You can follow the real-time location of local buses on the map above. The map can also be opened to its own tab. Select the desired line on the map and you will see the route of the line, the locations of the stops along the route and the estimated arrival times of the following stops (times are shown in red if the bus is late or early).

Exception routes

Line 2 runs a detour between Rautatieasema and Lopentie from June 3.6.2024, XNUMX. More information about the detour.

Timetables and routes

  • Summer and winter, 3.6.2024 June 1.6.2025–XNUMX June XNUMX

    R-traffic timetable publication 3.6.2024 June 1.6.2025–XNUMX June XNUMX

    R-transport stop schedules, summer 2024

    Different driving days

    21.6.2024 June 13 Saturday traffic until XNUMX pm (Midsummer Eve)
    22.6.2024 June XNUMX no traffic (Midsummer Day)
    2.11.2024 Sunday traffic (Holiday)
    6.12.2024 Sunday traffic (Independence Day)
    24.12.2024 Saturday traffic until 13 pm (Christmas Eve)
    25.12.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX no traffic (Christmas Day)
    26.12.2024 Sunday service (Boxing Day)
    1.1.2025 January XNUMX Sunday service (New Year's Day)
    6.1.2025 January XNUMX Sunday service (Episode)
    18.4.2025 March XNUMX Sunday service (Good Friday)
    21.4.2025 April 2 Sunday service (XNUMXnd Easter)
    1.5.2025 May XNUMX Sunday service (May Day)
    29.5.2025 May XNUMX Sunday service (Morning Thursday)

    School holidays (lines 3, 5 and 7–9 do not run)

    14.–20.10.2024 (Autumn vacation)
    21.12.2024/6.1.2025/XNUMX–XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX (Christmas holiday)
    17.–23.2.2025 (Winter vacation)

  • From Matkahuolto's route guide can see the routes and schedules of both R-transport and regional and long-distance buses.

    The route guide can also be downloaded as an application to a smartphone. More information about the Routes & Tickets application can be found here. The application can also be used to buy tickets for both R traffic and some regional and long-distance transports.

    The starting point and destination are entered in the guide either by selecting from the map or by typing in the search box. If you wish, you can also use automatic positioning. The starting point does not have to be a stop, because the guide also shows the walking distances. When using the search box, you should write "Riihimäki" before or after the name of the street or place, making it easier to find the right place. The guide also remembers previously searched places.

    The route search shows the routes that are closest in time. You can change the date and time to be searched from below the search boxes (in the application, from the upper right corner). The route guide also shows the R ride, but it can only be ordered with the Routes & Tickets application.

  • In the Riihimäki area, there is regional bus service in the directions of Lope, Tervakoski and Ryttylä. The starting and ending stop of all regional transport routes in Riihimäki is the travel center. You can find the Riihimäki-Loppi and Riihimäki-Ryttylä regional transport timetables From Matkahuolto's route guide or schedule search. You can find the Riihimäki-Tervakoski regional transport timetables From the Hämeenlinna route guide.

  • Long-distance trains of several different operators stop at Riihimäki. The majority of long-distance trains only stop at the stops of the Kormuntie interchange on highway 3. You can find the timetables for long-distance transport From Matkahuolto's route guide or schedule search (information on all operators is not necessarily available in Matkahuolto) and regarding the shifts run by each operator from the operator's own website.

  • You can find the train timetables From the VR website.

    Information about Riihimäki station