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The procurement unit located in Riihimäki's administration and group area is responsible for the overall coordination, preparation and tendering of the city's procurements. The procurement unit is also responsible for the development of city-level procurement, maintenance of procurement guidelines and internal procurement advice in the city.

  • In its procurement, the city of Riihimäki follows the legislation on public procurement and the city's procurement strategy, procurement policy and procurement guidelines.

    Up-to-date legislation

    City instructions

  • Procurement notices for procurements exceeding the threshold value of the Procurement Act are published in the public procurement notification channel (HILMA), depending on the value of the procurement, either nationally or EU-wide. Requests for tenders for procurements exceeding the threshold value and their attachments are available in their entirety during the tender period In the portal, where bidders also submit their bids. Registering for the offer service is free of charge for the offeror.

    The city of Riihimäki's own procurement guidelines apply to small procurements below the threshold value of the Procurement Act. The portal has been decommissioned and from September 28.9.2022, XNUMX, new publications on small procurements can only be found in the Tender service.

  • The city of Riihimäki maintains a procurement calendar, which shows the object of the procurement, the validity periods of the contracts and the responsible industry, from which you can primarily get more information about the procurement in question.

    Public procurement procurement calendar - procurement contracts

    The procurement calendar of the joint procurement contracts shows the contracts tendered by the Joint Procurement Units, to which the city of Riihimäki has joined.

    Public procurements procurement calendar - joint procurements

  • The city of Riihimäki's purchase invoice data is published Handata.fiin the service.