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Communication and marketing

The city's communication serves by producing current, useful and interesting content for the city's residents on different channels. By following the front page of our website, you will get the latest information about our services, decision-making and what is happening in Riihimäki.

The main communication channel is the city's website. The site includes a section aimed at city dwellers The riksulainen residents' section for you, where stories about people from Riihimäki and employees of the city of Riihimäki are published about twice a month. The city's communications and marketing manager is responsible for resident content.

In addition, the city communicates actively on Facebook, Instagram, X (i.e. the former Twitter) and LinkedIn. The videos are published on the city's YouTube channel. In addition, several city services have their own social media accounts.

Communication and marketing are guided by the city's values ​​and policies approved by the city government, based on which communication and marketing are inclusive, competent, unified, unifying, serving and effective.

Communication supports the realization of the city's strategic goals. City-level communication is the responsibility of the city mayor and communications and marketing manager, as well as industry and regional managers for their own services.

Contact us

Communication and marketing

Communication and marketing

Contact us

Miettinen Mia, Communications and Marketing Manager

+040 489 6005

Harju Mirva, Communication expert

+040 628 7916

Forsman Marianne, Marketing and communication expert

+040 701 1339

Kuusi Susanna, Communications Secretary

+050 500 1932