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The central responsibilities of financial administration include, among others

  • coordination and development of financial management
  • budget and financial plan
  • financial statements and interim reports
  • financing and investment activities
  • collection tasks
  • city ​​advocacy in taxation.

The financial director is responsible for the city's financial administration. Bookkeeping and payment transactions are handled by Sarastia Oy, tel. 020 639 9400.

  • Invoices must be sent as e-invoices to the e-invoice address. We do not accept invoices as e-mail attachments.

    The city of Riihimäki

    social security number 0152563-4

    Online invoices

    • City of Riihimäki, OVT code 003701525634694
    • Online invoice operator CGI Oy, 003703575029

    Sales invoice inquiries

    For inquiries about Riihimäki city and Riihimäki Vete bills, the name of the contact person can be found on the bill you receive. If there is no contact person's name on the invoice, please contact the customer service of our service provider Sarastia Oy, phone 0206 399 400.

    Riihimäki Water

    social security number 0152563-4

    Online invoices

    • Riihimäki water supply company, OVT code 003701525634100
      Online invoice operator CGI Oy, ID 003703575029

    Other considerations

    • Invoices must include the customer's name and business unit.
    • The city of Riihimäki and Riihimäki Vesi are subject to reverse VAT on construction services, please note this when invoicing.
    • You can use the free supplier portal if you do not have the option to send an online invoice from the invoicing system. Through the supplier portal, it is possible to make and deliver invoices in electronic form and avoid the delivery costs caused by paper invoicing. To register on the supplier portal, contact Sarastia Oy's customer service, phone 020 639 9400.
  • The city of Riihimäki regularly sells construction services to outsiders, so the reversed VAT liability for construction services applies to the city of Riihimäki. For this reason, the city must receive a VAT-free purchase invoice for all the construction services it purchases.

    The city of Riihimäki refers to both the city of Riihimäki and the water supply plant of the city of Riihimäki. The social security number of both is 0152563-4.

    Reversed value added taxation of construction services entered into force on April 1.4.2011, XNUMX.

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Information room closed 1-28.7.2024 December XNUMX

Information room closed 1-28.7.2024 December XNUMX

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