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Granit aukion is full of people, singer Erin is on stage.
Photo: Teo Cederqvist.

Center development project Rieha

A vibrant and attractive center is important for the city of Riihimäki. In Riihimäki's urban strategy there are several goals related to the development of the station area and city center. Among other things, Riihimäki is being developed as a human-sized and compact station town, where everyday life is smooth and services are a short walk or bike ride away.

Riihimäki Facilities and Development Oy (RTOY) and the city of Riihimäki have launched a city center revitalization project called Rieha. The goal of the project is to strengthen the competitiveness and attractiveness of the center of Riihimäki from the point of view of business, tourism and housing. In the project, the city center means the surroundings of Hämeenkatu and the station area with services. Rieha Riihimäki red logo

The goal of the project is to bring life and vitality to the city center through, among other things, events and joint marketing campaigns. In addition, the city and the business company want to improve the attractiveness of the city center and increase the number of visitors to the city center. The city and the business association invite everyone interested in the development of the city center to participate in the work, in addition to the operators of the city center.

The project will end in December 2024, but Rieha's achievements are wanted to be established as part of the activities of the city's economic company, the city and local entrepreneurs. RTOY is responsible for financing Rieha.

RTOY and the city of Riihimäki communicate about Rieha and the events and adventures of the project on their website and social media channels. Riihimäki residents and downtown entrepreneurs can participate in Rieha by using the hashtag #RiehaRiihimäki and tagging RTOY and the city in publications.

More information about the project can be obtained from RTOY CEO Samuel Koivisto (tel. 040 841 0700) and project leader Tomi Hänninen (tel. 044 244 4965).