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An illustration of the detached houses in Metsäkorvi
Photo: Riihimäki city

Plots and land areas

Everyday life goes well in Riihimäki. The hometown of around 30 people offers comfortable living and high-quality services. Thanks to the compact urban structure, distances within the city are short, and versatile services are at your disposal without congestion. The main line and highway will speed you home in less than an hour from Tampere and Helsinki.

Small house areas close to nature give you room to breathe. Plot sizes vary from 500 square meters to almost half a hectare, so there are options for many different needs.

Riihimäki offers the perfect setting for frolicking, camping and relaxing. Those who long for nature will find numerous recreational and outdoor activities. For those hungry for culture, there are wonderful concerts, museums, theater and events.

Whatever your living style, Riihimäki is a good choice: active urban living close to nature, ecological and urban living environment far from the hustle and bustle!

  • Where would you like to build your own detached house? Riihimäki is active urban living close to nature, far from the hustle and bustle! Life is smooth in the city, which is located along good transport connections, less than an hour away from Helsinki and Tampere.

    Thanks to the compact urban structure, distances within the city are short and both public and commercial services are easily accessible to everyone. Those who long for nature will find numerous recreational and outdoor activities. Concerts, museums, theater and events are available for those who are thirsty for culture. The areas are located close to the city center, services and the station area.

    You can apply for a plot in the electronic presentation and reservation service, where you can see the up-to-date plot situation and plot information. In addition, in the map-based service, you can familiarize yourself with the basic services of the area. Use of the service requires registration. You can get paper plot applications or brochures by picking up or ordering from the city's plot sales.

    On January 10.1.2024, 529, six detached house lots will be available for purchase in Juppala's Juurevantie and the new Hevosenkenkä street built in connection with it. The area is a quiet area of ​​small houses near services and outdoor activities. Plot sizes vary between 623 and 158 square meters. The plots have building rights of 187–20 square meters, and the price range is 100–23 euros.

  • You can either rent or buy plots. The plots are handed over at the market price. For state-loaned production, plots are handed over at the maximum price approved by the housing fund at any given time. In principle, the land use engineer decides on the handover of plots of land with an official decision.

  • The city of Riihimäki sells plots of land by auction. The objects for sale can be plots that are difficult to build on, the construction of which will incur additional costs, or special objects that should be sold through an open tender. The auction gives the market price.

    The city's objects to be auctioned can be found From

  • The city of Riihimäki has implemented an electronic service, with which it hands over plots electronically. The service enables electronic plot transactions and land lease agreements.

    A traditional trade requires time from the seller, the buyer and the confirmation of the transaction. It is often challenging to coordinate times. With the land surveying institution's electronic real estate exchange service, you no longer have to make an appointment for the sale with the city's representative, but you can sign the deed of sale, for example, at home when it suits you. The service is available every day from 00.15:23.15 to XNUMX:XNUMX. Using the service and signing contracts requires strong identification, for example with a mobile certificate or bank credentials.

    There is no longer a need for a sales confirmation. The traditional way will also remain in use alongside the new way. The plot customer has the opportunity to choose which method he wants to use. The choice is made after the plot is reserved, when the documents start to be drafted.

    Read more: Property exchange service

  • Riihimäki city plot sales maintains a private plot exchange, where private owners can announce plots for sale. You can register an unbuilt detached house plot or a residential building site that you want to sell on to the land exchange.

    You can register a plot on the plot exchange by sending an email to In the message, please indicate the addresses and/or property codes of the plots to be added to the plot exchange. At the same time, you give your consent to the fact that plot sales can forward your contact information to a buyer interested in your plot (name, phone number/email address).

    You can find a list of private lots for sale below.

    Service principles

    • The service is free of charge.
    • The seller negotiates the possible purchase price and sale himself.
    • The seller can use the services of the Realtor at the same time.
    • Plot sale does not announce/advertise plots in newspapers.
    • Plot sales keeps the list up to date as we receive information about the plots.
    • Plots are removed from the list when the owner announces that his plot has been sold or for some other reason wants to remove the plot from the private plot exchange.
    • Plot sale does not act as a real estate agent.

    Plots for sale

    • 694-29-2901-2, Parmalantie 2, 11710 Riihimäki
    • 694-29-2901-3, Parmalantie 4, 11710 Riihimäki
    • 694-29-2901-1, Parmalantie 6, 11710 Riihimäki
    • 694-29-2901-4, Parmalantie 8, 11710 Riihimäki
    • 694-15-1504-2, Leankatu 5, 11130 Riihimäki
    • 694-7-27-1, Peuranpolku 25, 11120 Riihimäki
    • 694-7-27-2, Peuranpolku 23, 11120 Riihimäki
    • 694-7-27-3, Peuranpolku 21, 11120 Riihimäki
    • 694-7-27-4, Peuranpolku 19, 11120 Riihimäki
    • 694-16, Huhtimonmäki. Owned by HG Paloheimo Oy
    • 694-17-1745-7, Hännintie 7, 11710 Riihimäki
    • 694-17-1745-8, Härkätie 10, 11710 Riihimäki
    • 694-28-2818-7, Auratie 15, 11130 Riihimäki
    • 694-28-2818-10, Auratie 9, 11130 Riihimäki
    • 694-28-2818-11, Auratie 11, 11130 Riihimäki
    • 694-28-2818-8, Karhintie 36
    •  694-28-2818-9, Karhintie 38
    • 694-17-1745-7, Hännintie 7
    • Jussilantie detached house lots. The plots are owned by Jugar Oy. Details of the plots can be found in the front door.
    • Mustikakaari 10, 1279 m2 sloping plot. Building right 260 floor square meters.
    • Tyyneläntie 5 and 9, d66448. Areas 911 m2 and 907 m2. building right 250 square meters and yard building 60 square meters.
      Tyyneläntie 5. May build a single-family house or semi-detached house. Registration number 28-2821-3. Let's block from the farm Tyynelä, registration number 694-405-8-452.
      Tyyneläntie 9, registration number 28-2821-5. Let's block from the farm Tyynelä, registration number 694-405-8-452.
    • Äkkijyrkä plots: Block area of ​​small detached houses, where the environment is preserved. One single-family house with a size of at least 100 square meters and a maximum of 300 square meters may be built on each plot. A maximum of 60 m² of the floor area of ​​the plot may be used for the construction of a separate garage or other outbuilding. Plot areas 772,736,1007,971,1860 m2 and building right according to efficiency factor 0,25.
    • Jouskuja plots, four 655 m2 plots to come. II 180 + t40.
  • In April 2023, Korttionmäki Savottatie will be able to apply for 25 detached house lots. The area is an area of ​​small houses close to nature, from which there are good transport connections, for example in the direction of Hyvinkää. The plots are 905–1 square meters in size. The plots have building rights of 265–230 floor square meters. The prices are 260–28 euros.

  • In Haukankaarre and Kotkankaarre, there are 9 plots of compact size and suitable price for sale. You can start building right away in the spring of 2023! Metsäkorpi is a peaceful area and in the middle of nature.

    Plot sizes: 512–778 square meters.
    Plot prices: 17–920 euros.
    Plot rents: 896–1 euros/year.

    See the plots on the map.

    Application period for plots 15.1.–6.2. at 13 p.m.

    You can submit one binding application per person/company. If the application concerns more than one plot (maximum three), the priority order of the plots must be stated in the application.

    After the joint application period, plots that have not been sold/rented will be open for free application.

  • On January 10.1.2024, 529, six detached house lots will be available for purchase in Juppala's Juurevantie and the new Hevosenkenkä street built in connection with it. The area is a quiet area of ​​small houses near services and outdoor activities. Plot sizes vary between 623 and 158 square meters. The plots have building rights of 187–20 square meters, and the price range is 100–23 euros.

    Plot event on Hevosenkenkä-Juurevantie

    Juppala's six new lots are located in a ready-made residential area close to nature and suitable for families with children. The new school is located one kilometer away, the grocery store is about 2 kilometers away, and the center is about 3 kilometers away.

    The plots are flat in terms of terrain. Four plots are located along the new Hevosenkenkä Street, and the remaining two plots are located on the Juurevantie side. Plots can already be rented or bought for your own.

    Horseshoe- Juurevantie formula regulations


Booking and delivery conditions

The city of Riihimäki sells and rents detached plots to households and companies 1–3 plots/application. Plots are rented and sold to individuals and companies that have not previously been given a plot by the city, or that have fulfilled their construction obligations for the previous detached lot they received from the city (commissioning review completed). As a general rule, the city hands over plots of land in new areas through a joint search.

  • The plot is reserved either in the electronic service or with a plot application form available from the office. It is important that you fill in all the sections of the form. You do not need attachments to the plot application. You should check the reservation status of the plots before submitting an application for plot sales.

    When new plots come up for application, their application times and procedure will be announced in a newspaper notice and on the city's website. Plots left vacant in the joint application and released from reservations will be transferred to the plot supply to be continuously searched for. The decision to grant a plot or plots is made by a plot expert. Information about the decision is sent by e-mail or post to the plot applicant.

    When the plot application has come to the plot sale, the applied plots are locked to the applicant for a period of six weeks, after which the reservation fee must be paid to the city's bank account. The reservation fee is 1 euros/plot if the applicant chooses 000 months as the reservation period and 6 euros/plot if the applicant chooses 2 months as the reservation period. Reservation fees are refunded from the purchase price or the rent of the plot.

    However, the reservation fee is not refunded if the plot applicant withdraws his application after paying the reservation fee.

    The deed of sale or rental agreement must be signed either 6 or 12 months after the legality of the land transfer decision, depending on the reservation period.

    Upon receipt of the application, land sales informs the applicant via a separate e-mail or letter about further measures, such as the due date of the reservation fee, the signing of the deed of sale or the lease agreement. You can choose whether you want to sign the deed of sale or the lease agreement electronically or as a paper version.

    Riihimäki city account numbers for reservation payment:

    Bank IBAN BIC
    Nordea Bank Finland Oyj FI79 2070 1800 0603 10 NDEAFIHH
    Oma Säästöpankki Oy FI30 4108 0010 5416 08 ITELFIHH
    Etelä-Hämeen Cooperative Bank FI43 5396 0220 0053 43 OKOYFIHH
    Danske Bank FI63 8000 1700 6011 08 DABAFIHH
    Lammin Savings Bank FI90 4260 0010 1285 90 ITELFIHH

  • The purchase price or the rent of the plot is invoiced after the sale or the signing of the lease agreement. You can pay the purchase price of the plot all at once, or alternatively, pay half of the purchase price at the time of the transaction and the rest during the next two calendar years. The interest on the unpaid purchase price is 6 percent. The rent for the plot is paid from the date of signing the lease until the end of the year, after which the city invoices the rent annually.

  • The buyer must apply for a land survey from the National Land Survey within six months from the date of the transaction. If you buy the plot electronically, the application is created automatically after signing, after which you can add the necessary documents as an attachment to the electronic service. The buyer pays the transfer tax (three percent of the purchase price) before applying for a loan offer.

  • The rental period of the rental plot is 50 years. The basic annual rent is 5 percent of the sale price of the plot. You can redeem the rental plot for the confirmed plot price when the construction obligation has been fulfilled (commissioning inspection done). The rent of the plot to be redeemed is invoiced until the signing date of the deed of sale.

    Registering the right to lease and applying for a mortgage in favor of the city

    The registration of the right to rent and the application for a mortgage is done in such a way that when signing the lease, the tenant also signs the registration and mortgage applications, which the city sends to the registration authority. Registration and mortgage application are at the tenant's expense. In an electronic land lease agreement, an application for mortgaging the lease right is created automatically when the parties have signed the agreement.

    • In connection with the signing of the deed of sale, the buyer will have to pay the commission of the transaction confirmer or the fee for the electronic real estate exchange service.
    • The city collects from the detached house lots it hands over the subdivision cost in accordance with the valid real estate delivery fee, which is billed separately.
    • The recipient of the plot will be charged connection fees for connecting to the public water supply and sewerage network.
    • The telephone and cable TV subscription agreement is concluded with Elisa Oyj, the subscription prices are specific to the property and apartment.
    • The electricity connection agreement is concluded with Caruna Oy.

Land acquisition and land policy

  • In principle, the city of Riihimäki is always interested in acquiring land in its area, and the city's obligation is to buy public areas according to the site plan. In addition, we acquire land for, among other things, recreation areas and for the future development of the city. The city acquires areas for its ownership primarily through voluntary transactions.

    Land acquisition consists of active and passive land acquisition. The annual active sites are defined in the land use implementation program. The Riihimäki city council decides on the program. Passive sites are recreation areas, general areas according to the site plan or areas that are not actively acquired.

    The area of ​​responsibility for land use is responsible for the preparation of land acquisition. If you are selling land in Riihimäki, feel free to contact us.

    Riihimäki land use implementation program 2021-2031, city council 14.12.2020 December 103 § XNUMX

  • Land Policy Program 2018

    The program will be updated during the beginning of the year.

More information