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Food services

As the city's partner, Palmia Oy is responsible for school and daycare meals for the people of Riihimäkel.

Meals in schools and kindergartens

A well-planned, tasty school and kindergarten meal supports the well-being of children and young people and strengthens healthy eating habits. The dining situation is a teaching and educational situation that offers an excellent opportunity to adopt good eating habits and to take others into account.

The diet of children under school age consists of basic Finnish food. The child is gradually taught new tastes and the individual needs of the child are taken into account in the structure of the food.

School catering has an important role as a mediator and preserver of knowledge of the national food culture. A peaceful meal and beautifully presented, tasty and versatile food in a cozy dining room are the best everyday aesthetics. All elementary school students receive a meal on the school day, which satisfies about a third of the student's daily nutritional needs. Menus can be found on Palmia's website.

Special diets

In day care and schools, it is possible to offer different food to, for example, an allergic child. Those who follow a special diet are given a form to fill in at school and day care, which indicates the need for a special diet.

Vegetarian eating or eating based on ethical and religious reasons also has its own form. The forms are returned to the staff of the school or daycare service kitchen.

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