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The city as an employer

About 1 100 professionals from different fields work for the city of Riihimäki. The strengths of our cozy city of around 30 000 inhabitants are robotics, culture and the circular economy.

If you're thinking about starting a job in the long run, you can take advantage of the flexible working hours we have available: remote work and flexible working hours. It is easy to get to Riihimäki in less than an hour from all over Southern Finland. We offer versatile opportunities for developing your own skills.

We have a good atmosphere and we value everyone - welcome to join us!

Check out our open positions.

The results of the survey indicate good management

We have received very good results in the personnel survey 2024, especially for front-line work. According to the personnel survey, the employees of the city of Riihimäki feel that it is easy to turn to their supervisor and that their work is motivating. Our employees also feel that they can easily get help and support from their colleagues.

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  • The city of Riihimäki conducts an annual personnel survey covering all workplaces. With the personnel survey, we want to get information about the views of employees and supervisors about their own work, their well-being at work and their work community. With the help of the personnel survey, the goal is to find concrete areas of development, both at the work unit level and for the city as a whole, to which the city's employer should pay attention in the future.

    2024 people responded to the 768 personnel survey, which is 62% of the temporary and permanent personnel of the city of Riihimäki. The partner for the survey was Feelback Oy.

    The results of the personnel survey have been compared with the results of similar surveys of other public organizations carried out by the company implementing the survey. Riihimäki's result is overall at a good level and reaches the results of comparison municipalities in almost all areas. According to the results, our strengths are the clarity of the work goals, the content of the work and the perception of the work as meaningful, as well as skillful close supervisor work.

    Check out the results of the personnel survey 2024 here


  • With us, you can work when it best suits your life situation, whether you are a full-time or part-time gigger, a student, a pensioner or a parent on care leave.

    We offer classroom teacher and lesson teacher substitutions in basic education, as well as early childhood education teacher, nanny and school attendance counselor substitutions in early childhood education. As a rule, gig jobs are substitutes lasting 1–3 days.

    The contact person for substitute recruitment is Teija Airasmaa, tel. 050 569 3177. Read more about short-term substitutes From the municipal crossing and submit an application for gig jobs.

  • Summer jobs are often the first foray into working life for young people. Every year, we hire young people aged 16–19 for summer jobs in, for example, daycare centers, playgrounds, park workers, work for the elderly, in the kitchen, and for directing exercise. Get to know the city's summer jobs on the city's website.

    The city's popular summer job search starts in February and lasts the whole month. We are looking for about a hundred summer workers to join us. You can apply for a summer job at

  • Occupational health

    We offer our personnel good and comprehensive occupational health care services, which also include medical care services.

    Vacation benefits

    The length of the annual leave is determined by the work experience bonus and the length of service.

    We reward productive ideas

    We encourage employees to develop their own skills with a scholarship system. Work-related ideas that improve performance and are feasible are rewarded.

    We value engagement

    Riihimäki thanks its employees for their long service and on milestone days.

    Personnel exercise

    We offer Epassi sports and cultural benefits to the staff. In addition, within the framework of the Kuntokipinä activity, voluntary exercise sessions are available for the staff.

    Cheap lunch

    We offer the staff a subsidized workplace lunch, the payment of which is handled by the Epassi application.

    Recreational activities

    The city's recreation center Kotaniemi is used by personnel and their families all year round. The place is located in Hirvijärvi, about ten kilometers from the center of Riihimäki. The city's work units can reserve Kotaniemi for their own events and meetings in the winter.

    Our recreation activities include staff parties, sports afternoons and recreation days.