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Riihimäki 60 years celebration audience with Riihimäki balloons standing outside and watching the program.
Photo: Jenniina Nummela

Make an impact now

We are all needed in the planning, decision-making and implementation of the city's future. The resident has the right to participate in managing common matters. City dwellers can express their opinion in surveys. This page gathers information about all surveys and other participation opportunities that are currently taking place in the city.

Answer the survey and share your opinion about participatory budgeting

The city of Riihimäki wants to collect residents' opinions about the meaning and functionality of participatory budgeting in our city. The resident survey is open from 18.6 June to 4.8.2024 August XNUMX. You can answer it online from this link. In addition, you can answer the survey with a paper form in the Information Center and Riihimäki library. The survey is anonymous and it takes about 5 minutes to answer.


Riihimäkäläinen, sign up as an Introvert!

The city is looking for people from Riihmäki to be introverts for people and families moving to or considering moving to the city. The purpose of the drop-ins is to make it easier to move to Riihimäki, to familiarize them with the city and to introduce them to the real Riihimäki. The city connects Sisäänheitättäjäs and those interested in Riihimäki with each other based on, for example, age, hobby or other connecting factors. In the merger, the wishes of those interested in Riihimäki are taken into account.

Anyone from Riihmäki can apply to be a thrower from February 14.2.2023, 2023. The search continues for the time being. The first training event was organized in March XNUMX. New training events will be organized as needed.

If you are interested in throwing in new residents, read more about throwing in on the website.