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Participatory budgeting

Inclusion is one of the central goals of the strategy of the city of Riihimäki. Inclusion is implemented in Riihimäki in many different ways. One way is participatory budgeting, where residents get to decide how the public funds available to the city are used. The goal of participatory budgeting is to ideate, decide and realize an even better and more functional home in Riihimäki. In Riihimäki, 100 euros have been set aside annually for participatory budgeting. Proposals on how that amount should be used can be made by private individuals, communities and groups freely gathered around the topic, such as clubs, school classes or hobby circles.

Participatory budgeting resident survey open 18.6. – 4.8.2024 August XNUMX

Now you can influence the direction in which participatory budgeting, i.e. OSBU, is developed in Riihimäki by answering the survey by August 4.8.2024, XNUMX.

Answer the survey online from here. You can use the paper form to answer in the Information Center and at the library. Note! The information center is mostly closed in July.

Participatory budgeting results 2024

927 Riihimäki residents voted in participatory budgeting. Voting ended on January 31.1.2024, 14, and XNUMX plans were selected for implementation:

  • Stop bullying plan €5
  • Let's get rid of Spanish cockroaches €6
  • Painting electrical cabinets €2
  • Borrowing point for tools €1
  • Support mental well-being plan €17
  • Transportation for the elderly and disabled €1
  • Art hobby for a year for 50 needy children and young people €7
  • Supporting the activities of the municipality-specific parents' association €1
  • Park concert series 2024 €4
  • Vahteristo fitness ladder €2
  • Trash cans next to all senior benches €8
  • Renovation of Paalijärvi swimming beach €35
  • Wide carpet angel + accessories for the carpet cleaning place €5
  • Outdoor chess game place in the park €3

The total sum of the budgets for the plans to be implemented is €99. Proposals were selected for implementation in order according to the number of votes, so that the total amount of 300 euros is as full as possible, but not exceeded.

Detailed plans and voting results can be seen on the participation platform

Rules, schedules and instructions

  • Participatory budgeting schedule

    • 18.9.– 31.10.2023 idea search and gathering of support
    • 1.10.– 30.11.2023 evaluation and development of proposals that received at least 10 endorsements into plans
    • 8.– 31.1.2024 voting
    • Publication of the results in the week of 6/2024
    • Implementation of the winning plans during 2024.

    All persons aged 12 and older who are registered in the city of Riihimäki can participate in the vote this year.

    You can familiarize yourself with the ideas on the participation platform

    Note! Usernames registered on the participation platform, but not used for more than 18 months, will be deleted during September. If your ID has been removed, you can access the participation platform with bank IDs, a mobile certificate or students' MPASSid IDs. Drafting an idea on a paper form is possible in the Information Center, the library and Riksula.

  • The proposed activity and idea must be

    • in line with the city's strategy and values
    • feasible within the city's jurisdiction
    • universally useful and producing joy for as many as possible
    • regarding investment projects aimed at improving the public environment

    Since the use of the participative budgeting allocation is decided annually, participative budgeting can be used to make purchases and implement one-time projects. Participatory budgeting projects can be, for example, various events or the hiring of temporary personnel.

  • International EmPac – The Finnish partners of the Empowering Participatory Budgeting in the Baltic Sea Region project LAB University of Applied Sciences (LAB) and the University of Tampere (TAU) support the implementation of participatory budgeting in the city of Riihimäki, for example by carrying out an evaluation of the participatory budgeting process. For this purpose, during spring winter 2021, LAB and TAU collected the thoughts, views and experiences of the Riihimäki city organization and the citizens of participatory budgeting through surveys, interviews and workshops, among other things. The EmPaci project is financed by the EU's Interreg Baltic Sea Region fund.

    LAB's announcement on 21.1.2021 January XNUMX: A handbook was completed to support participatory budgeting

    More information

    University of Tampere
    Lotta-Maria Sinervo, responsible director

    LAB University of Applied Sciences
    Annukka Heinonen, project manager

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