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Information about Riihimäki

A city with good connections Riihimäki is a growing and developing city conveniently located along the three roads and the main railway, less than an hour away from Helsinki. In addition to the railway, Riihimäki is also known for its garrison and glass. The large garrison area is right next to the city center. The Finnish glass museum currently operates in the area of ​​the old glass factory, where visitors can learn about the history of glassmaking and admire top Finnish design.

Riihimäki's industry and business activities have a diverse history. Today, among the largest corporate employers there are well-known names, such as Valio, Sako, Würth, Fortum Waste Solutions and Kumera. For culture lovers, Riihimäki offers museums and versatile music and theater experiences. The standard destination for wilderness enthusiasts is the International Wild Fair held every two years.

  • Population 28 (482), 2024 (28), 375 (2022) and 28 (521). Population change from the previous year in percent: 2021 +28, 740 -2020, 2024 -0,5.
  • Total area / land area 126 km² / 121 km²
  • Population density 238 inhabitants/km²
  • Domain Southern Finland Regional Administrative Agency and Häme ELY Center
  • Kanta-Häme province
  • Subdistrict Riihimäki
  • Social, health and rescue services Kanta-Häme welfare area (OmaHäme)
  • Municipal tax 7,86 (2023) 20,50 (2022) 20,50% (2021)
  • Property tax 2023 – general 1,45% – permanent residences 0,50% – other residential buildings 1,50% – undeveloped building sites 6,00% – non-profit organizations 0,00% and power plant buildings and structures 3,10%
  • Water fee €1,70/m³ (incl. VAT 24%)
  • Waste water fee €2,06/m³ (incl. VAT 24%)

Riihimäki song

The Riihimäki song was created in connection with a competition organized by the Riihimäki Society in 1959. The topic of the competition was composing a song about Riihimäki. Helsinki teacher Väinö Mäkelä's poem "Riihimäki laulu" won the competition, and in the same year Tauno Karila, a doctor of philosophy from Riihimäki, composed the poem into a song. Later, Matti Nikunen made a slightly easier arrangement of the song. It was hoped that the song would find a new future through music education in schools.


  • From the ridges of Riihimäki I see the green of the region,

    which connects the steel vein to the South of Northern Finland.

    The machine runs and the factory thumps, the glass shines and the iron rattles.

    Industrious people build your reputation Riihimäki.


    Though gentle is nature, winter is covered with gloom,

    the time of light requires action, the harvest time is determined by autumn.

    Here, a confident people, forge their happiness with their work.

    The industrious people of the ridges, Riihimäki of the new morning.