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Ethical principles and notification channel

The notification channel of the city of Riihimäki is a place where city employees, municipal residents and external stakeholders can report illegal activities or abuses. Suspicion of abuse can be directed at an individual office holder, employee or trusted person or, for example, the production of city services, procurement, contracts or decision-making.

The ethical notification channel is used to combat corruption and promote ethics. At the same time, it gives the city the opportunity to address grievances and develop its operations. With the help of the channel, we further improve the responsibility of our operations. The channel, in accordance with the Whistleblower Protection Act, is also a way to ensure that abuses can be reported safely so that you are protected from the city's countermeasures.

The tip channel is based on the EU directive 2019/1937 on the protection of persons who report violations of the right and Act on the Protection of Persons Reporting Violations of European Union and National Law.

What does abuse mean?

A report of abuse can be made for suspected illegal or irregular activity or other unethical activity. The reporter does not have to have comprehensive evidence, but the report must provide all the information as accurately as possible so that the matter can be processed. However, reports should be made honestly and in good faith. The notification system may not be used for inappropriate purposes. Based on the reports, the city investigates possible abuses, if the reports prove to be appropriate.

You can report suspected violations in the operation of the city of Riihimäki regarding e.g. the following subject areas:

  • public procurement, e.g. bribery, corruption, abuse of office
  • theft, embezzlement, misuse of city information and property
  • protection of privacy and personal data and security of network and information systems
  • the city's ethical principles
  • such activity that violates laws, regulations and instructions, which cannot be addressed through the city's normal processes

How is the notification made?

The notification is made by filling out the ethical channel's notification form with as precise a description of the suspicion as possible. It is the responsibility of the notifier to provide the necessary information to promote the case. Incomplete notifications cannot be processed. Notifications can be made either completely anonymously or with your own contact information, depending on your choice.

Processing of notices

Confirmation of receipt of the notification will be sent to the person making the notification via the notification channel within seven days of receiving the notification. The processing is carried out confidentially and only authorized processors have access to the notification data. If necessary, additional information on the matter may be requested from the notifier or experts during the processing. Confidentiality is never compromised.

A decision will be made on each report within three months at the latest, if possible. The handlers will inform the notifier of the decision when the processing has been completed.

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Customer feedback does not belong to the ethical channel

Based on the municipality or customer relationship, you cannot receive protection according to the whistleblower protection act, and the notification does not belong to the notification channel. However, the city is happy to receive feedback from everyone via the feedback channel. You can leave customer feedback in the city's electronic feedback channel