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Hatlamminsuo nature trail
Photo: Jenniina Nummela

Nature destinations

The city of Riihimäki maintains guided nature trails in Riuta, Hatlamminsuo, Käräjäkoski and Vahteristo. There is also a nature destination in Hirvijärvi. The signs are renewed in the spring by the area responsible for environmental protection, and the footpaths are maintained by the city's street and park unit and the sports department.

Walking on guided nature trails is easy and safe. You can pick up brochures for nature trails in the area of ​​responsibility for environmental protection at Virastokeskus Vetur.

  • The Hatlamminsuo nature trail, which introduces the marshland, starts from the yard of Kisko's hut, which is located at the end of Hiihtomajantie. The path is about one kilometer long and it mainly runs along tall trees.

    Find out more about the Hatlamminsuo nature trail.

  • There is a new board about nature values ​​in the beach area of ​​the city of Hirvijärvi. Located at the northeastern corner of Hirvijärvi, Kenkiänlahti's bottom is the steepest part of the area. The coastal area mainly represents fresh canopy forest. The surrounding terrain alternates between a dense grove and a diverse leafy forest.

    It is also planned to set up a few information panels behind QR codes in the area to tell more about the area's unique nature.

    Hirvijärvi nature site is located at Jänissaarentie 39, Riihimäki.

    Hirvijärvi nature site sign

  • You can get to Vantaanjoki's Käräjäkoski nature trail by going along Erkyläntie and turning right on the edge of the city's agglomeration onto Käräjäkoskenti. The trail starts from the parking lot next to the bridge over the Vantaanjoki. The nature trail is over a kilometer long and there are six nature-themed boards along it. The nature trail is suitable for people with reduced mobility.

    Vantaanjoki is a migratory fish reservoir. Fishing in rapids and streams requires a local fishing license in addition to the state fishery management fee. The Recreational Fishing on Vantaanjoki brochure contains additional information about fishing and restrictions, as well as instructions for buying permits.

    Also take a look at the Virksty Vantaanjoella brochure On the website of the Vantaanjoki and Helsinki Region Water Protection Association.

  • The nature trail of the Peltosaari wetland park starts on the west side of the ice rink (Hj. Elomaankatu 4) and is about one kilometer long. The trail has been made in cooperation with the Riihimäki region's nature conservation association. The nature trail markings and new boards will be installed on the terrain in the spring of 2023.

    Find out more about the nature trail of the Peltosaari wetland park.

  • The nature trail, which presents Ice Age formations and the characteristic features of Riutta's nature, runs in connection with Riutta's chewing track. The trail starts near Riutta's outdoor lodge, Kormuntie 258, and is about 2,5 kilometers long. You can get to know Riutta's surroundings with the help of ten QR-code readable information kiosks, which can be found along the nature trail. You can also read the information on the nature path's website.

    Find out more about Riutta's nature trail.

  • The Sammalisto wetland nature trail starts from the parking area, which is located at Riihiviidantie 111. The length of the nature trail, which branches in two directions, is about 1,5 kilometers. Along the nature trail, there is a bird platform and a hidden booth, from which you can observe the abundant bird life of the wetland. Along the route, there are also information boards about the Sammalisto wetland and its nature.

    You can read more about the Sammalisto wetland From the Neova Group website.

  • The nature trail that runs in the Vahteristo nature reserve guides you through a spruce forest. Nine paintings illustrated with watercolors tell about the nature of the area in a perceptive and colorful way. The path is marked with red-headed wooden posts.

    Map of the Vahteristo nature conservation and outdoor recreation area

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You can pick up nature trail brochures from the area of ​​responsibility for environmental protection on the 3rd floor of Virastokeskus Veturi's A-staircase.