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Privacy Policy

An essential part of the city's operations includes securing and protecting the personal data in use. We pay special attention to data protection and the development of our personnel's data protection expertise. When you do business with the city of Riihimäki, or when you are otherwise dealing with the city, we collect your personal data only to the extent that it is necessary to handle the matter. There is always a legal basis for processing your personal data.

On this page, we publish statements and forms related to data protection, which are intended for the information and use of city residents. The goal of the EU General Data Protection Regulation is to improve the protection of personal data, increase the transparency of personal data processing, and give data subjects the means to manage the processing of their personal data. The nationally regulated data protection law specifies and supplements the provisions of the data protection regulation.

Request for inspection of register data

You have the right to receive information about yourself. You can make a request for inspection of register data using either an electronic or a printable form.

The welfare area of ​​Kanta-Häme, or Oma Häme, is responsible for social and health services for the people of Riihimäk. Read about customer and patient information From the website of the Kanta-Häme welfare area (among other things, the request for inspection of register data, the request for information and the request for inspection of the log register).

  • Using the electronic form requires registration so that the city can send you an answer electronically. When you have activated messages, you give general consent that all official messages can be delivered electronically to messages. The message can also be a proof of service, which must be acknowledged as received before the message can be opened. You can change the message delivery method later in the message settings. You can find more detailed operating instructions in the form.

    Request for inspection of register data

  • Printed and completed register data inspection request forms are accepted at the customer service point of the city of Riihimäki: Tietotupa, Eteläinen Asemakatu 2, street level. The forms must be delivered in person or through a case manager. Identity must be proven when doing business.

  • The information you requested will be delivered to you by post with proof of delivery, by secure email or picked up from Tietotuva, Eteläinen Asemakatu 2, street level. The controller must deliver the requested information after a reasonable time, but within one month at the latest, unless there is a special reason for a longer processing time.

Privacy notices

The updating of the privacy notices is currently underway. You can find our latest privacy statements by industry in the inset. You can find the old privacy statements in pdf format below.

Security mail - this is how you send confidential or sensitive information securely

    • Go to the address in your browser
    • Enter your own e-mail address in the sender field and press Continue.
    • In the recipient field, add the address to which you want to send your message.
    • Enter sufficient identification information in the title, content and attachments of the message.
    • Please also remember to write your name and other possibly necessary contact information in the message.
    • You can add an attachment by pressing Browse and selecting files from your computer. After selecting, press Add again. You can also delete already selected attachments by selecting the attachment and pressing Remove Selected.
    • Press the Send button to send the message. You will receive a confirmation that your transmission was successful.
    • End the use of secure mail with the Stop button.
    • Remember to clear the browser cache after use.

Contact us

You can contact us regarding data protection issues by e-mail at