Municipal sphere of authority

Technical services

Kastanjapuisto 2011Technical services’ most important tasks are to create conditions for community development, handle technical duties and improve housing conditions in the town.

The town’s water department district has 25,980 consumers.

Environmental protection and building inspection

The official tasks of environmental protection and building inspection are handled by an Environment Committee. In addition to official supervision, environmental protection also covers obligations relating to monitoring the state of the environment, environmental guidance and communication.

The task of the building inspection authority is to supervise adherence to plans, handle the issuing of permits relating to building and other measures, and contribute to monitoring the maintenance and care of buildings and the built environment in general. The Town of Riihimäki granted a total of 295 building permits in 2013. A total of 238 buildings were completed.

Social services

TalotThe purpose of social services is to support and promote the independent livelihood, working capacity and social well-being of Riihimäki residents. Children’s day-care, social work and home-help services are provided regionally as multidisciplinary joint activities. The town is divided into three service areas: west, east and north.

Health care

Riihimäki residents’ basic health care is the responsibility of Riihimäki District Health Authority and specialised health care is handled by the Hospital District of Kanta-Häme, whose regional hospital is located in Riihimäki.

Schools and libraries

Ensimmäinen kirjastotalo, 1986The town provides 11 comprehensive schools (eight lower stage, three upper stage), two upper secondary schools (for day students and adults) and an adult education centre. In addition, Riihimäki has a musical conservatory providing musical training starting from elementary level and prepares for professional studies.

Educational services also encompass the town library, a learning materials centre, and the town weaving mill.

Other educational establishments

  • HAMK – Häme University of Applied Sciences, Riihimäki unit
  • Hyria Education – vocational education in the Hyvinkää-Riihimäki region
  • Hyvinkää–Riihimäki Adult Education Centre, Riihimäki unit

Culture and leisure

kuva Riihimäen kaupunginmuseoRiihimäki offers a wide range of cultural activities. The town has a total of six museums and exhibition venues: the Riihimäki Art Museum, the Riihimäki Town Museum, the Finnish Glass Museum, the Hunting Museum of Finland and the National Workers’ Housing Museum.

Riihimäki is also home to a professional theatre group, which offers the public a wide-ranging programme, including first performances.

The Riihimäki Summer Concerts belong to the Finland Festivals organisation and constitute a nationally and internationally respected annual festival of chamber music.


maauimalan altaat Tapio PauluRiihimäki offers diverse opportunities to engage in outdoor and sporting activities. There are dozens of venues, including a swimming hall, outdoor swimming pool, sports centre and bowling rink, tennis hall, ice hall, artificial ice rink, downhill skiing at Riutta and grass football pitches. There are two exercise parks as well as 15 kilometres of illuminated cross-country skiing tracks and jogging paths.


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