Riihimäki – the green city

Every city would like to boast of its greenness – Riihimäki has proof it’s green!

A scientific survey (2010) showed Riihimäki had the smallest ecological footprint of all the Finnish communities examined

Ecological footprint means the amount of land and water area and that is needed to cover for the consumption of renewable resources and to bind all carbon dioxide emissions our consumption causes


  • Riihimäki is densely built around a busy railway station
  • Riihimäki district heating is based on recycling/waste incineration

Source: Ecological footprint survey (2010, in Finnish)

Possibility to connect directly to national grid

There is an existing 110KV/400KV line going to Hikiä substation near some of the Riihimäki greenfield sites

Hikiä is fed through five directions. It is one of the most reliable nodes in the grid.


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