Densely populated area

  • Within 10 km radius 35000 inhabitants
  • Within 15 km radius – 84000
  • Within 20 km  radius – 93000 (31.12.2010)
  • 400.000 people live within 40 minutes driving distance from Riihimäki

Smallest number of companies experiencing problems in recruiting personnel

Riihimäki is in the country where companies have least problems in recruiting, only 20% experiencing problems

Graph shows with pale color the regions with least recruiting problems in Finland (20-24% of companies experiencing problems), while red means that more than 30% are experiencing problems

Riihimäki is also well known for the better permanence of personnel when compared with inner Helsinki metropolitan area

University level education in Riihimäki

HAMK (Häme university of applied sciences) offers university level education in the areas of technology, computer sciences and logistics in Riihimäki, with more than 700 students.

Hyria Koulutus offers lower level vocational training e.g. in the field of IT and business in Riihimäki and Hyvinkää. They have 1300 students in Riihimäki.

We will help you to arrange part-time hiring, internships, student projects etc. with HAMK and Hyria


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