Invest in Riihimäki – along the growth corridor Finland

Why Growth Corridor Finland?

Growth Corridor Finland stretches from Helsinki to Tampere, between the two biggest cities in Finland. It is a string of cities connecting these two most important Finnish areas of economic activity.

The growth corridor forms the biggest pool of workforce in Finland, with more than 300 000 daily commuting along the growth corridor.

People and businesses are more and more gathering along the growth corridor.  Growth corridor forms the axis of business growth in Finland, basically it is all you need to know about the geography of Finland!

Why locate in Riihimäki?
  • A good supply of personnel
    • 46% of Riihimäki workforce currently commutes out
    • Local university (HAMK) trains continuously 300 ICT engineers at a time
    • On top of that, Hyria Education trains datanomes in Riihimäki
    • Helsinki area inhabitants are interested to work in Riihimäki. t is easy to commute to Riihimäki against traffic jams
  • A lot of industrial tradition in Riihimäki (metal industry, plastics industry, consumer product industry among others)
  • Just 30-40 minutes to Helsinki airport, and 43 minutes by train to Helsinki city
  • Inexpensive greenfield sites
  • Sites with completed zoning, shovel ready
  • A direct connection to Fingrid 110kV main power line means lower power transfer costs. Sites next to the grid
What else does city of Riihimäki offer?
  • Loans for site construction
  • Lease premises for companies, also new premises
  • Support for recruitment training
  • A key account manager assisting you at the city hall
    • Local assistance throughout the project
    • Contacts and information
    • Guidance through the permit process
    • All kinds of assistance regarding legislation, setting up company, connections, contracts etc.
  • VIP treatment for your company!




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