Riihimäki – A Dynamic Home Town

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Riihimäki is a dynamic, developing town in Southern Finland, with excellent transport links on the Helsinki–Tampere axis. Journeys within the town are short and services are close at hand. There are numerous rail and road connections available to take you quickly, when necessary, in any direction.

Riihimäki has efficient basic services and an active business policy. Excellent educational services from preschool to polytechnic level offer learning opportunities for people of all ages. A wide range of cultural, sports and other leisuretime activities are within everyone’s reach. The contentment and well-being of newcomers to Riihimäki, as well as long-time residents, are important for the town.

The town also invests heavily in new enterprises and in the development of existing companies. The cornerstones of the town’s activity are good quality, cost-efficiency and flexibility.

From railway stop to town

rautatieasema kuva Nora MyllymäkiThe completion of the Helsinki–Hämeenlinna railway in 1862 and the opening of the Riihimäki – St. Petersburg line in 1870 had an enormous impact on the creation of the town. A railway stop, located in the almost uninhabited area of Hausjärvi, was given the name Riihimäki.

By 1919 Riihimäki had become a substantial community with its own local council and the right to appoint officials and set up committees. Riihimäki was accorded the status of township in 1922 and it later received full town rights, in 1960.

Twin towns

Riihimäki is twinned with eleven foreign towns and communities.

Country City Since
Sweden Karlskoga 1940
Denmark Aalborg 1949
Germany Bad Segeberg 1954
Norway Skedsmo 1958
Russia Gus-Hrustalnyj 1960
Iceland Nordurthing 1966
Hungary Szolnok 1969
Latvia Olaine 1997
Lithuania Jonava 1999
Spain La Granja de San Ildefonso 2001
China Suzhou 2004


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