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Peltosaari Project

Peltosaari Project is organized by the City of Riihimäki, it has been running from 2009 with good results. The aim is to improve Peltosaari area as a whole and to add co-operation between different actors. We try to make the area more safe, energy efficient, ecological and a good and safe place to live.We have had different programs running in the last years and in the future we will concentrate on social aspects as having a village house with different functions, on renovation of existing buildings and on building new apartment houses to get new people in the area.

Peltosaari Parliament

Peltosaari Parliament is a voluntary member, where spokesmen from different action groups are meeting 6-7 times per year. There we can discuss and plan arrangements for events etc.Also individual suggestions can be brought to discussion in Parliament.

”Culture thing” – Kulttuuriviritys

From August 2015 to May 2016 we have part time worker organising free events for residents, f.ex. culture clubs, dance and music events.  It is arranged in co-operation with the cultural department of Riihimäki and funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture


Tellustupa is a contact place for the tenants in rental houses, their you can have access to internet, a cup of coffee or once a week a very cheap lunch. And of course you will meet other people!

Recycling / flea market

Recycling/ flea market is taken care of Peltosaari Society, which is the oldest actor in the area. They keep their flea market open twice a week and with the profit they arrange f.ex. trips to residents and give small stipends to the local school.


you can find all the events in Peltosaari in the calendar on this website. And do not hesitate to contact any of projects workers or drop by the project office (Olohuone, opposite Valintatalo), if you have any questions.

Contact information

Ilari Seitsonen, project manager
tel. +358 50 572 6510

Soile Mäkelä, social instructor
tel. +358 50 401 1617


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