Working for the City of Riihimäki

Join us to shape the growth of Riihimäki

The City is a great place to gain experience and exposure to a range of work environments. You will be working with friendly, supportive people committed to working together to deliver for our communities: residents, workers and visitors.

Our job is to make an important difference in the lives of residents. Creating urban flow requires talented and motivated people.

We offer inspiring job opportunities and we value difference and the creativity. Our professional development program encourages you to undertake education and training activities best suited to your career.

The City is within easy reach of the main railway line. When it comes to the flexible working-time arrangements we offer to our workforce various options. While we work hard, we are committed to your wellbeing.

Riihimäki, with 30 000 inhabitants, becomes the most interesting city for the circular economy, robotics and Youth Theatre.

We are committed to a smoke-free environment. Your cooperation with our smoke-free policy is appreciated.

Open vacancies


If you want to be part of something challenging and rewarding, joining the City of Riihimäki might be the right career move for you.

Review all our current vacancies listed on our website. You can check our open jobs also on TE Services and Kuntarekry. To apply for a job at the City of Riihimäki you can fill and submit your application form via online at Kuntarekry. You can, of course, submit your application via regular mail or in person.

Summer jobs for young people

We have great summer jobs that you can apply for. During the summer you will gain valuable experience from working life. As your professional experience grows over time, so should your CV.

We have approximately 100 summer jobs for 16–19-year-olds teens. Job options include working at daycare centres, elderly services, sports services, working on-site in our parks or in our professional kitchens.

The application period for summer jobs takes usually place in February. You can submit your application form via online at Click the link to apply and fill out the online application form.

Please find more information here >>.

Employee benefits

Find out more about our employee benefits, which include

Occupational health care

The City personnel are cared for on the principles of preventive care by the occupational health services including medical services. In addition occupational health care promotes a healthy workplace environment and safe working conditions.

Vacation benefits

The City offers vacation to its employees. The lenght of annual leave is determined according to your specific work experience and the indicated years of service into to the job you are applying for.

We reward creative employee ideas

Awesome ways to reward employees and boost productivity. We believe our people are the key to our success. Our employees should never stop learning and growing in their roles.

Celebrating employee work anniversary

We recognize employees on their service anniversaries and we truly appreciate commitment and dedication.

Budget-friendly lunch 

We offer a lunch deduction. You can have lunch at staff canteens or alternatively in local lunch restaurants.

Access to health promotion activities

We encourage our employees to fitness. Sports and regular exercise groups with benefits including discounts to fitness functions.

Leisure activities at Kotaniemi

The City’s summer recreation center Kotaniemi offers activities for employees and their families. A sauna is heated in the evenings.There you can bathe at your leisure. For many, this is a great joy. Kotaniemi is located about ten kilometres from Riihimäki center. During winter months the place is available for city´s staff meetings and events.

Our leisure activities include also staff get togethers, Afternoon Sports –events and team buildings.

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