Integration plan

Finland has in place an Act on Integration, according to which registered immigrants in Finland must be provided with basic information on Finland. All immigrants (e.g. job seekers, university-degree students, stay-at-home mothers) have the right to initial assessment and an integration plan. When you move to Finland, you can apply for services that will help you integrate.

The plan

  • The plan may be drawn up if the initial assessment shows that you need support in your integration
  • The integration plan is drawn up following your registration and extends for three years after your arrival in Finland
  • The plan is drawn up together between you and an official of the Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office) or with a counselor at Mosaiikki.
  • The integration plan can include integration training, for example, participation in a language course, on-the-job training or other activities that promote integration
  • The duration of the integration plan is determined individually. Your employment and education history, as well as your personal goals will play a role in how long you will need support
  • While you are taking part in the integration plan measures, you are entitled to integration assistance to ensure that you have a means of income

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