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The throwers introduce themselves

Would you like to be Riihimäki's Introvert? Do you have the best spending tips in the city or a love of your hometown that you want to share with others? On this page, you can get to know some of the city's enthusiastic and active Introverts, as we present ten of them.

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A person with long reddish hair and glasses looks intensely into the camera while leaning on one hand. At the bottom right, a graphic logo with the words "Thrower".

I am a native of Riihmäki. I lived in Hämeenlinna for a few years during my studies, but I moved back to Riihimäki as soon as I could. Both relatives and friends can be found in the city. I enjoy the atmosphere of a small town and the fact that nature is nearby. I can suddenly decide to go to the mushroom forest, for example, and it doesn't require much planning. I have a car, but I could get by just fine on a bike.

The best thing about Riihimäki is the people. Few cities have such a deep sense of community. Riihimäki also has a very active Facebook group where joys and sorrows are shared. I feel that Riihimäki is being developed very actively. When things are done, they are done big and in the style of a big city, such as summer events.

When I saw the announcement about the recruiters, the decision was clear - I could be good at this. I get along easily with different people and I want to be involved in developing a positive image of my hometown. At the same time, I get to see the city myself with new eyes.


A person dressed in a blue tracksuit with a soccer ball under his arm in a green summer yard. At the bottom of the picture, the text logo Väisänheittäjä

I moved from Hyvinkää to Riihimäki in 1982, but already at the end of the 1970s I studied at Riihimäki School of Commerce. I started a family, and life settled down in the city. Especially football and RiPS (Riihimäki Ball Club) have been a matter of the heart, RiPS For Ever #RiPSPECT. First, I worked as a player for the national team in the 1980s and 1990s, then as a coach. The last coach was the 16th season in RiPS Kevarei and RiNS and RIlves as club manager 2001–2011.

The best thing about Riihimäki is its compact size. Riihimäki is a suitable-sized city that is easy to manage and get to know. A small town where services are close by. The sports opportunities are good, and this is how, from the perspective of a pensioner, services for pensioners also work. I have been elected Riihimäki's Kunnon Municipal Citizen in 2010 and 2022 Background Influencer.

I definitely wanted to join as an Introvert, because I am a born marketing person and I want to do my part to develop the city and its population. My thrower slogan is "30 tons broken"!

Mira and Niko

Life took us and our children to Riihimäki for a couple of years already at the beginning of the 2000s, but a more permanent move to the city finally took place only a few years ago, after the children had grown up and gone to study in other places. As a child, Mira has spent wonderful summer vacations here with her grandparents and cousins, especially the hot days in the land pool have been strongly remembered. Already at that time, the idea of ​​Riihimäki as a home began to smolder.Two people close together, the shorter one looking admiringly at the taller one. In both hands, sticks with a heart-shaped cardboard at the end. In the upper right corner, a graphic logo with the words "Thrower".

We have had a great time living in the center of Riihimäki, with plenty of services. The library is on the corner of the house and there are many hobby opportunities nearby. In addition to physical activities, we go to a board game group, the theater, movies, exhibitions and museums. Both the glass museum and the art museum are of high quality, and interesting exhibitions open several times a year. Association activity is active in Riihimäki. Mira has been active in associations for a long time, so it was a pleasure to be able to easily participate in an activity that interests her.

Riihimäki is a decent-sized city, everything you need for everyday life is here. From here it is easy and fast to go to work in the capital region by car or train, but there are also jobs in Riihimäki. Riihimäki is a truly pleasant town, which means that services and workplaces are close by, and there are no traffic jams anywhere.

Janne Kataja's Sisäänheittäjä videos were wildly funny, so we decided to go along when the search for Sisäänheittäjä started. As new residents, we can perhaps see more clearly what is good and functional here and better than elsewhere. We travel a lot and it's nice to visit big cities for a week or two, but every time it's wonderful to return home to Riihimäki. We want to maintain and spread this positive attitude towards our hometown. It would also be great if more friends or relatives moved here, when it is properly advertised.


In Riihimäki city's Isaänheittäjä Jaakko in the yard of an apartment building.My wife and I moved from Helsinki to Häme in 2014. The moving load was taken all the way to Ryttylä, but when we noticed that we were constantly using Riihimäki's services, we decided to move to Riihimäki. We both work in Helsinki, and it is very easy to get to the capital region by train from Riihimäki. During the Corona period, we bought a larger apartment, which has study rooms for both of us. I would also like to remind you how excellent Riihimäki is from the point of view of remote workers – cheap square meters, a great location and high-quality services can be found nearby!

The best thing about Riihimäki is the opportunities offered by the small town. To me it means that life is easy and affordable. The location of the hometown and the leisure opportunities are excellent. My wife and I use the museum card diligently and we always visit the new exhibitions in our hometown. In the summer, we even went to the renovated summer theater twice!

I applied to be a Personal local guide, because I want to share the good news that I have realized myself. We didn't get introduction help when we moved to Riihimäki, because we didn't already have friends or family here. I want to be involved in helping, especially in dispelling the prejudices of the people of the capital region. Life is good in Riihimäki!


A summer sunflower field with a large sunflower in the foreground. In the background are a dozen sunflowers, behind which a person with a bun is chopping. In the foreground, in the upper right corner, a red-yellow graphic Saisänheittäjä logo

I was born and went to school in Riihimäki. At the age of 16, I moved to Helsinki for work. From there, through Espoo, I ended up in Thailand for 14 years as a diving instructor and entrepreneur. After Thailand, I have also lived in Tallinn, Malta and Italy.

I moved back to Riihimäki after years of living abroad at the age of 56, because I wanted a fixed point in my life. I googled living city opportunities around Finland, but my roots brought me to Riihimäki. I am interested in old houses, and a wonderful old home built in 37 was found for me on the prison hill.

The best thing about a rickshaw is the location. This is a decent sized and safe place with good services. For those who travel a lot, a quick connection from the city to the airport is an absolute plus. I wanted to be an introvert, because I can tell about Riihimäki from many angles. In this city you can live an easy and quality life!



A smiling long-haired person in the foreground, the stone base of an old apartment building in the background. In the lower left corner, a red-yellow graphic logo with the words SisäänheittäjäOur first contact with Riihimäki was in 2012, when my husband and I came here for summer work. We worked for another summer in Riihimäki and finally moved to the city permanently thanks to the work in 2014. We started a family and built a house in Korttionmäki. We have already built another house, and now we live in Huhtimonmäki. One of the reasons why we stayed in Riihimäki is the ease of life. You can get anywhere by bike and everything you need is close by.

Considering its size, Riihimäki's service offering is excellent. This is a lively and quite nimble city – even the building control got answers quickly! The hobby opportunities for children are excellent. You don't have to go elsewhere to do your hobbies here, the hobbies are of high quality and close by.

I have noticed that many people from outside the city live in Riihimäki. Does this mean that it is easy to get to Riksuu from elsewhere? I wanted to be an Introvert, because I think everyone should experience how good it is to live in Riihimäki.

EeroA person dressed in winter clothes on a dark horse in a winter landscape. The person is also wearing a reflective vest.

My wife and I moved to Riihimäki over a year ago from the countryside of Lohja. I retired, and we wanted to move from the country to a real city. We compared different options, and Riihimäki turned out to be a suitable hometown for us.

Riihimäki has a real dense center, and the roads lead to the center and to the train station. We also explored the city's surroundings, such as the appearance, parks and trees. Riihimäki has a great urban park. Municipalities are offered high-quality services. Riksula's activities in particular have been quite well organized and active.

I wanted to apply to be an Introvert, because I know it's not easy to move to a foreign place. My wife and I represent the point of view of recent immigrants, so we know how to bring up different issues than those who have lived in the area for a long time.


A smiling person with colorful hair in front of the window of an apartment building. A summer cityscape can be seen in the background. In the foreground, at the top right, a red-yellow graphic logo with the words "Insider".I moved from Helsinki to Riihimäki during the corona period, so we are just getting to know the city. My spouse brought me to Riihimäki, who refused to move from Riihimäki to Helsinki. It's a good thing, because I've been satisfied with the city. The location is central and the majority of services are right next door.

The best thing about Riihimäki is that the town is quiet, but there are services. The hobby opportunities are excellent. My husband runs popular boffau clubs (soft fencing clubs), which have been asked to expand to Lope and Hausjärvi as well. I have been to toddler swimming and muscari with our toddler. Aapeli Open Clubs have also become familiar.

I first tried to persuade my spouse to become an Introvert, but in the end I signed up. I can offer versatile information about the city from several different perspectives. As the icing on the cake, I can show you the best Pokéstops of the Pokémon GO game in Riihimäki.


I am a native of Riihmäki and a current returnee. I left my hometown to join the army in 90 and didn't move back until 31 years later. Parents and friends have lived in Riihimäki all that time, so there has always been a special connection to the city.A bald-headed person with his jacket open looks at the camera with a determined expression on his face, in the background is the atmosphere of early autumn, the highway, leaves on the ground and the sun is shining.

I lived for a long time in Vuokatti and abroad, but life change and aging parents brought me back to Riihimäki. When I returned to the city, I noticed that many things have changed in a much positive direction. In my work as an entrepreneur, I find the central location of Riihimäki to be important. From here you can easily get to bigger cities by train and car. Traffic within the city is also excellently organized. R-ride and city bikes are a good example of this.

My friends recommended me to apply as an Introvert. The decision was easy, because I get along with people easily and I'm proud of my hometown. I have also actively promoted Riihimäki in the city's own Facebook group. Riihimäki is an excellent home for me, so why not for others too.

Two people dressed in sportswear and reflective vests look excitedly into the camera. The sports hall in the background. In the upper right corner, a red-yellow graphic logo with the words "Thrower".Anne and Antti

We are both from Peririksu, that is, in many generations. We were both born and went to school in Riihimäki and met at Riihimäki high school. We went to study in Kuopio, but even during that time we were enrolled in Riihimäki. After studying, we started a family in Riihimäki, and we have stayed here.

Riihimäki is a human-sized city where everyone knows each other. The distances are ideal, and you can get around easily by bike. For a small town, there are surprisingly many hobby opportunities here - on club shirt day in September, we counted that the members of our family of five have represented a total of seventeen clubs from Riihmäki.

We have probably always acted as unofficial Introverts, so it was a clear decision to apply as official Introverts. The guys have already received their share of our Riihimäki eulogy.