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Brand, visual appearance and logo

At the center of the visual look is the Riihimäki text logo.

The main color of the city's visual appearance is red. The color reflects love for Riihimäki. In addition to the red main color, five additional colors are used, which make it possible to play with colors and form a versatile and multi-purpose entity by varying the colors in a controlled manner in the brand.

In connection with the brand's involvement, the townspeople named the colors as an in-ground swimming pool (blue), a park (green), a sunflower field (yellow), the Lost statue (pink) and a robot (purple). The exact color specifications can be found in the Riihimäki city's brand book and graphic instructions.

In addition to the logo, the city uses the R element, which is a central part of the visual identity of the city of Riihimäki. The city uses the R element in many different ways: as part of a message, as an independent emblem-like element or as an illustration. In addition, its shapes can be used to divide or delimit different surfaces.

Riihimäki's brand and visual appearance were renewed in autumn 2021.

The city coat of arms is used in communication only in limited cases.


The Riihimäki logo may not be modified, and its dimensions may not be changed. The logo must be used in the specified color, i.e. primarily red on a white background or white on a red background. The logo can be placed on top of the image without a color background when it stands out enough. Shading or other effects should not be added to the logo.

The minimum height of the logo in printed products is 5 mm and 20 px online. Enough space should be left around the logo so that it is visible and stands out from the rest of the information.

White Riihimäki text on a red background

Red Riihimäki text on a white background

R element

The basic shape of the R element must always remain the same.

The red R symbol of the city of Riihimäki


Riihimäki's heraldic emblem or coat of arms was designed by Arttu Brummer-Korvenkontio in 1947. The golden belt symbolizing the railway divides the coat of arms into two parts: in the upper field there are seven red flames rising upwards and in the red lower field a golden torch. The flames depict industry and the brambles depict rural crops.

The city's coat of arms is used alone and no other emblems are attached to it. The coat of arms is only used in worthy contexts suitable for it. The city government supervises the use of the coat of arms. Ask the city attorney for permission to use the coat of arms. You can get the electronic version of the coat of arms from the city's communication and marketing.

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