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Program for a stable economy

The drafting of the Riihimäki city's stable economy program has started. Town's as a strategic goal is to be a community of sustainable growth. The realization of the goal requires that the finances and assets of the city of Riihimäki are managed in a planned, responsible and balanced manner. In connection with the 2024 budget, the city council decided to launch a stable economy program.

The launch of the program is justified because the city's economy will turn into a deficit starting in 2025, the annual margin will turn negative in 2028, and the loan portfolio will more than double by 2030. In addition, the population forecasts and the decrease in the number of children in the city have been realized.

The goal of the stable economy program is to curb the growth of the city's operating expenses and debt, but at the same time ensure income. The stable economy program consists of measures and reforms that adapt operations, structures and resources and respond to changes in the operating environment. The goal is sustainable and investment-enabling financial management in the long term.
The measures and reforms of the economic program progress to preparation and decision-making in stages. The city council has required that decisions on measures be made by the summer of 2024. In addition to the city's website, city residents and other stakeholders are informed about the progress of the preparation through media releases. The city's own personnel and trustees are also kept up to date.

The most important measures

The measures will be determined during spring 2024. The city communicates about the measures and their effects on the services of the city residents on this page.

The schedule will be more detailed as the work progresses

December 2023

The city council decided in connection with the 2024 budget consideration, that a long-term stabilization program is drawn up for the city of Riihimäki.

January 2024

The city government launched drawing up a program for a stable economy.

February and March 2024

The city government discussed the stable economy program in its seminar together with the city's management team. Information about the start of the program was given to the personnel and the council. The subject of the mayor's first R-info was the stable economy program. You can watch R-info on the city's YouTube channel. The industries map and prepare presentations for the program.

April 2024

The city council discusses the stable economy program in its seminar together with the city's management team.

Summer 2024

According to the council's decision, the stable economy program will be approved by the summer of 2024.

Autumn 2024

In accordance with the city council's decision, the stable economy program serves as a basis for the preparation of the 2025 budget.

Preparation of a program for a stable economy

The Steering Group of the Stable Economy Program is made up municipality ja of the city council presidium. They belong to the project group of the program the city's management team and the first chairmen of the city council and the city board and, if necessary, an external expert.

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