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The city of Riihimäki offers its residents plenty of ways to participate and influence the municipality's decision-making. Our entire Riksu benefits from the residents' strong experience of inclusion and active participation. Opportunities to influence can be offered e.g. by organizing discussions and hearings and municipal councils, ascertaining residents' opinions before decision-making, electing representatives of service users to municipal institutions, organizing opportunities to participate in the planning of the municipality's finances, planning and developing services together with service users, and supporting residents', organizations' and other communities' own initiative planning and preparation.

On this page you can find information obtained through participation, survey results and workshop summaries, etc. Communication with the townspeople and various stakeholders is done all the time and in several different channels, so not all cooperation and communication is listed on the site.

  • In Finland and throughout the world, the population structure is changing, the number of children and young people is decreasing and at the same time there is an even greater number of elderly people. More and more people are living longer and also get to spend healthy, active retirement years for a long time. In the Aging Riihimäki surveys, we found out what kind of wishes, expectations and needs people aged 55+ have for the coming decades from the point of view of living, moving and active everyday life. Surveys and interviews were conducted from 3.10 October to 30.11.2021 November XNUMX. Paper questionnaires were available in Riksula and it was also possible to answer the questionnaire online via a link, and we conducted interviews at the events of the senior citizens' week in Riihimäki.

    The target group for this resident survey was the residents of Riihmäki over the age of 55, because in 55 the 2035-year-olds have just retired or are about to retire. In this way, we get information on what kind of effects retirement and later aging have on the everyday life, housing and service needs and wishes of city dwellers. The members of the Senior Citizens' Council were asked in a separate survey what kind of views they have about the current possibilities for a good senior life in Riihimäki. Among the attraction factors of the city of Riihimäki, the respondents put the location and transport connections, the price level of housing, closeness to nature, comfort and safety in the top five.

    Find out here the answers of the residents and the Council of the Elderly. 

  • A questionnaire was sent to the members of the Council for the Disabled by email, which they had the opportunity to answer between November 3 and 15.11.2021, XNUMX. The background of the survey was used Riihimäki region's disability policy program, which is shared by the municipalities of Riihimäki, Hausjärvi and Lope and prepared for the years 2015-2020. The members of the Council for the Disabled presented their assessment of the realization of the rights of the disabled in Riihimäki and brought up issues that would be important to consider in the future in order to promote the well-being of the disabled and ensure the smoothness of everyday life. In the opinion of those who responded to the survey of members of the Council for the Disabled, the most significant things that promote the well-being of the disabled were versatile exercise opportunities, as well as club and club activities and other forms of community. Close human relationships, culture, art, museums and theater also produce well-being, as do nearby nature and parks.

    Find out about the evaluations and answers of the disability council here.


  • This material presents the results of participation regarding the city of Riihimäki
    three group companies: Riihimäen Tilat ja Kehitys Oy, Riihimäen Kotikulma Oy and
    Riihimäki Kaukolämpö Oy. In November 2021, it was sent to the representatives of the companies as part of the strategy
    preparatory work survey in which they were asked to share their views on the city
    about group management, cooperation with the city, wishes and thoughts about cooperation
    development in the coming years and the role of companies in the city's strategy
    as an executor.

    • Riihimäki Tilat ja kävet Oy is an office and business owned by the city of Riihimäki
      a development company whose purpose is to increase the number of business jobs in Riihimäki.
    • Riihimäki Kotikulma Oy is an arava rental housing company owned by the city of Riihimäki.
      The properties in Riihimäki Kotikulma are apartment buildings, small apartment buildings and townhouses with
      a total of 1123 rental apartments with approximately 1900 residents.
    • The company Riihimäki Kaukolämpö Oy is owned by the city of Riihimäki (51%) and Suomi Heat
      Holdings Oy (49%). The company supplies district heating to approximately 740 district heating customers
      In the economic area of ​​Riihimäki.

    Get to know the views of the representatives of the group companies of the city of Riihimäki here.

  • This material presents the results of participation regarding educational institutions operating in Riihimäki: Häme University of Applied Sciences HAMK, Hyria Riihimäki and the Finnish Environmental Institute SYKLI. Representatives of educational institutions were interviewed on 18–25.11.2021 November XNUMX. This material contains a summary of the themes and views that emerged in the interviews.

    Find out here the results of interviews about educational institutions.

  • Culture and sports increase the vitality of the city and the health and well-being of the residents. In Riihimäki, the associations play an important role as producers of various cultural and sports services, organizers of hobby activities and builders of community. Associations in several different fields have their own important role as a provider of hobbies, in monitoring the interests of special groups, in peer support activities and in charity work. Cooperation between the city and the associations succeeds when we understand each other as well as possible and work together.

    In September-October 2021, we conducted a survey for club and association members regarding the city's future strategy and cooperation between the city and associations. The survey was answered by 107 associations/association actors from different sectors, sports, culture, health or other activities. Associations have strength and plenty of expertise in different fields. The city and the regional associations have the same target group and the same goals. That's why we asked in this survey, in addition to the priorities of the strategy: "How can we together support and develop the health and well-being of the residents of Riihimäki and the comfortability of the city?". There were plenty of answers, and in them the thanks, concerns, wishes and ideas of the association members emerge in a variety of ways.

    In addition to the survey, on October 12.10.2021, XNUMX, an open discussion event was organized between the city and club operators in the sports and exercise industry. This material contains a summary of the discussion topics that emerged at the event.

     Find out here the results of the association survey and a summary of the discussion session.

  • Various actors in the municipality make decisions that affect the lives of children and young people. Hearing and involving children and young people in the planning and implementation of everyday matters concerning them ensures the functionality, up-to-dateness and attractiveness of services for children and young people. According to the law, young people must be given the opportunity to participate in the processing of issues related to local and regional youth work and youth policy. In addition, young people must be consulted in matters concerning them.

    The city of Riihimäki has a youth council and an influential club for young adults to consult young people.

    Along with surveys and workshops, inclusion concerns the way children are seen and encountered every day. We see children or young people as actors who have the right to be valued members of their community and whose agency is systematically and continuously supported.

    The background material of the #RakasRiksu2035 strategy regarding children and young people consists of the following sections:

    • Unicef ​​child-friendly municipality survey for children
    • Unicef ​​child-friendly municipality survey for young people
    • Children's strategy survey, drawings and crafts
    • Student housing survey
    • Participation survey for children and young people and families
    • Participation survey for students
    • Strategy workshop, youth council and youth influencer club

     Involvement of children and young people 2020-2021

  • The resident survey is part of Riihimäki's strategy work. The survey has been conducted every two years since 2007. In the survey, city residents get to share their views on the city, safety, comfort, smoothness of everyday life and services.

    Check out the results of the resident survey

  • Companies from Riihimäki were asked to give their opinion on the city's development focuses, as part of the city's Rakas Riksu 2035 strategy work. The survey was addressed to the members of two regional entrepreneurs' associations, the Riihimäki-Hyvinkää Chamber of Commerce and the Riihimäki Yrittäjät ry. Based on the questions, a participatory strategy workshop will be implemented.

    The company's strategy survey was carried out on the Maptionnaire platform in the summer of 2021. 49 respondents participated in the survey, all of whom were asked and received permission to publish the results. The starting point for the formulation of the question was the satisfaction survey of entrepreneurs carried out by the city's vitality unit in previous years. The goal was the comparability of the results of the survey with the results of previous years' surveys.

    Results - summary

    • The entrepreneurs' answers emphasized the importance of location and good transport links. The need to develop the city center and to streamline internal traffic and parking was clearly highlighted, especially considering families with children and single-family housing.
    • The threat was perceived to be a decrease in the attractiveness of our region and falling behind in urban development compared to other cities of the same size in Finland.
    • The development of business conditions in the city center and the station area was seen as an opportunity in particular.
    • It was surprising that robotics, closeness to nature and compacting of the urban structure, familiar from the top projects of the city of Riihimäki, were not seen as significant development targets in terms of attraction. — The lack of attention is partly due to the fact that the groundwork for the implementation of these goals was not directly focused on the company's operations and improving the conditions for success in the early stages of the strategy period.
    • The school rating given by the companies to the city was 7 – satisfactory.

    Read the detailed results of the business survey here.

  • "What would make Riihimäki better?" - about 10 Riihimäke residents were called in participation calls and it was carried out on December 000, 29.12.2020. About 1000 responses were received. The answers to the call are analyzed with the help of artificial intelligence by two companies, Aiwo Digital Oy and DrAI Oy.

    Read more: Those who answered the robocall hoped to maintain the service level in Riihimäki

    DrAI Oy's findings

    The respondents consider Riihimäki a good place to live, and many had a positive attitude towards their future in Riihimäki. However, many hope for the development of the general infrastructure of the area, such as roads and outdoor recreation areas. It is also hoped that the downtown area will be developed ahead of business so that Riihimäki will attract residents in the future as well. Many of the respondents opposed the plan to build one large school in the area. Many thought the current multi-school system was good and safe and would prefer investments to maintain this system. Concern about places for young people to spend their free time came up often among the respondents. For example, increasing exercise opportunities and cultural events were mentioned in the answers. Riihimäki wants to be considered an attractive place for families with children to live.
    The biggest concrete talking points were keeping/closing schools closed and concern for children, building a central school and the wish to revitalize the downtown area. Repeated topics in the answers were children, the city center, schools, services, sports, young people and the area of ​​the station.

    When going to a more detailed level, the repair of street stones, lowering of sidewalks, diversification of outdoor recreation areas and their better maintenance, better marking of outdoor recreation areas, and mapping of outdoor recreation places and routes came to the fore. There was also talk about street lights, plantings and tidying up parks. The respondents hoped that the empty space would be filled with new apartments and commercial properties, because empty commercial premises are perceived as unpopular and negative for the future of the city center. The importance of the center as a factor connecting Riihimäki and its community was highlighted. Similarly, the answers showed a fear of the effects of one large school on the area. Many respondents considered it a factor that drives away families with children. According to the respondents, the funds should be directed to keeping the current small schools open and to recreational opportunities for young people. The area of ​​the station and the elimination of congestion were also discussed.

    The responses show broad support for services aimed at children and young people, especially schools. We also want to support recreation areas on a large scale and we want to develop their maintenance. There are also hopes for revitalizing the city center and organizing cultural events. DrAI pointed out that older respondents participated in the survey significantly more actively than younger ones. The participation of young people and young adults is significantly lower, so the development targets presented mostly correspond to the wishes of the older age groups.

    Aiwo Digital Oy's observations

    Six main themes emerge from the answers to the participation call, which are Proposals and experiences, Housing and living, Living environments, Services, Culture and free time, and Administration and work.

    The main theme Suggestions and experiences shows that many people consider Riihimäki a good city to be in. However, to some extent, the residents hope for more things for Riihimäki, such as services, residents and jobs. Regarding services, the answers talked about both private services, such as restaurants and clothing stores, as well as investing in municipal services. It was also hoped that the consultation of the citizens and their participation in decision-making would increase. Respondents also had wishes and expectations, such as taking children into account and keeping the swimming pool open. Development was also talked about in many different areas, regarding, for example, the city center and social and health services.

    From the main theme Living and living, it is clear that Riihimäki is considered a very good place to live, but more investment could be made in different forms of living and residential areas. Many highlighted the importance of children and services for families with children. The perspective of the elderly and pensioners also came to the fore through, for example, affordable hobby opportunities and cultural offerings, as well as the accessibility of the physical environment. Similarly, recreational opportunities for young people and other services for young people were considered important.
    From the main theme Living environments, it is clear that the center has been talked about a lot. The development of the city center is considered important, and there is a fear of the city center becoming dull. We want more services in the center and we hope that the center will be more unified in the future. The condition of the roads also comes up in the answers. The development of the road infrastructure has been considered good, but there is still room for development in the condition and maintenance of the roads, both for motor traffic and light traffic routes.

    Asemanseutu spoke to the respondents as well, but from several different perspectives. Some of the respondents hope that the station area will be developed, some hope for a more equitable development of the entire city. Views related to the central school are also connected to Asemanseutu. According to the respondents, green areas such as parks and nature are also important elements of the living environment that should be nurtured, developed and harnessed as an attractive factor.

    The main theme Services shows that education, schools and educational institutions are important to the people of Riihimäkä. The local school network is wanted to be maintained and in general local services in terms of education are valued. According to several respondents, Riihimäki has good, accessible basic services that are important to maintain. Of course, some development needs also emerge.

    From the main theme Culture and exercise, it is clear that Riihimäki's exercise and hobby opportunities are mostly considered good and it is hoped that they will either remain at the same level as now or develop further. Likewise, cultural services are valued and, especially through events, we hope for more community in the city.

    From the main theme Administration and work, it is clear that the openness and transparency of the city's decision-making is hoped to improve. The respondents also hope that the citizens of the municipality would be better involved in decision-making. To some extent, the respondents also brought up the council's role in relation to the municipal residents and the rest of the city organization. The jobs are seen to be linked to the vitality of Riihimäki, and we hope for more of them in the city.


  • The following surveys and workshops were carried out for the Riihimäki Strategy 2030

    • Resident survey 11.-29.11.2016
    • Survey of associations 18.11. – 5.12.2016 December XNUMX
    • Survey of companies 2. - 17.11.2016
    • Trustee survey September-October 2016
    • Staff survey 26.10. -11.11.2016/XNUMX/XNUMX
    • Residents' discussion session on 7.3.2017 March XNUMX
    • Discussion session for new residents on 27.10.2016 October XNUMX
    • Discussion meeting of the associations on 28.2.2017 February XNUMX
    • Discussion event for companies on February 7.2.2017, XNUMX

    Read about this summary more specifically, the results of surveys and discussion sessions