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The people of Riihimäki responded enthusiastically to Riihimäki's invitation - almost a hundred arrive at the Lempi festivals' VIP event

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Riihimäki's official Thrower, Janne Kataja in the foreground. In addition, the text "Come witness the hottest day of the mountain Riihimäki to Riihimäki".

Almost a hundred people with the Riihimäki surname will participate in the vip event organized by the city on Saturday, August 12 at the Lempi festival.

People with the Riihimäki surname visit Riihimäki at the invitation of Janne Kataja, the city's official Introductor. Kataja sent a letter in May for all Finns living outside Riihimäki whose last name is Riihimäki. Kataja sent a total of 1 letters to different parts of Finland. Most people with the Riihimäki surname live in Uusimaa, Pirkanmaa, South Ostrobothnia and Central Finland.

"The popularity of the event completely surprised us. Based on the contacts, people with the Riihimäki surname feel a great love for Riihimäki! Both families and individual Riihimäkis are coming to the place. A few people who are planning to get married bring the future Riihimäki with them", communications and marketing manager Mia Miettinen says about the touching responses to the invitation.

A VIP event is organized Favorite love festival in connection with. The Riihimäkis will also participate in the Lempi Love concert on Saturday evening. You can recognize them at the event by the You, me and Riihimäki stickers. All those participating in Lempee can, if they wish, tell their relationship status with a reserved, free or maybe sticker that can be glued to their shirt.

"The thanks for increasing the number of participants of the VIP event go to the people of Riihämäkel. The companies and communities in the area have taken the event as their own in a gratifying way," says Miettinen.

The main partner of the VIP event is Seurahuone Group Oy. In addition, Havi, Flow Cosmetics, Riihimäki Pieni Lelukauppa, Riihimäki Art Museum, Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäki Youth Theater, Riihimäki Theater and Riihimäki city's sports and wellness center are also involved in the implementation of the event.

Anyone considering moving to Riihimäki – regardless of surname – can get help if they want Riihimäki's Insäänheittäjä, i.e. a person who introduces the city and presents the real Riihimäki. In this way, those considering moving can more easily find breathtaking landscapes, everyday activities and even the best coffee shop in town.

to the Riihimäkiset campaign you can find out on the city's website.

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