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The Riihimäki swimming hall will open at the turn of January-February 2025

31.1.2024 Releases Welfare and health Exercise Energy saving Accessibility Swimming Hall

A spiral water slide, a swimming pool and large windows in a view of the swimming hall.
Observation picture of the swimming hall's pool facilities. In the basic improvement, a big slide, which the townspeople wanted, will be built in the swimming hall. Photo: Arkitehtoimisto Majamaa Oy

The basic improvement of the Riihimäki swimming hall will be completed at the beginning of 2025. Trial use and furnishing of the swimming pool will begin in December 2024. The swimming pool will open to users at the turn of January-February 2025.

The renovation of the swimming pool is the biggest investment of the city of Riihimäki in 2024. For 2024, 8,9 million euros have been allocated for it. The total budget of the project is 15,1 million euros. As the basic improvement has progressed, the need for additional work has emerged. The extent of the additional and modification work and the final cost effects will become clear as the contract progresses and will be known in the fall of 2024.

A new slide, a cold water pool and a jacuzzi

During the basic renovation, the technology and surfaces of the swimming hall will be renewed. As a novelty, a big slide, a cold water pool, a whirlpool, a pool with a raised bottom to be placed in connection with a custom sauna, and a warm water pool with massage points, to be placed outdoors under a canopy, will be built in the swimming hall. The travel pool, teaching pool, aqua gym pool and children's wading pool will remain in their current locations. The gym will be expanded and refurnished.

"The changing and washing facilities, as well as the subscription sauna, will also experience a complete facelift. For people with physical disabilities and other special groups, a private changing room and washroom with saunas will be built on the pool level," says sports manager Markus Rantsi.

The swimming pool's lift will be moved, and in the future, the lift will also take you to the level of the land swimming pool, where a private sauna will be built for summer use. The number of electronic notice boards will be increased and the gate system will be developed so that in the future you will pass through the gates with a wristband, which is also used to lock the lockers.

"With these measures, we increase the attractiveness and suitability of the swimming hall for all Riihimäkel residents. The swimming hall remains a swimming hall and still enables versatile social activities, even though the new pools also bring a spa-like feel to the hall. In addition, the raised-bottom pool allows for a wide range of usage options for the custom sauna," says Rantsi.

Yrjö Majamaa from Arkkitehtoimisto Majamaa Oy acted as the main designer of the basic improvement of the swimming pool. Vahanen Suunnittelpalvelut Oy acted as the design consultant. Consti Korjausrakentanimen Oy acts as the main contractor.

"With the basic improvement, we want to ensure problem-free usability of the swimming hall for the next 20 years, modernize the technology and improve the property's accessibility. The modernization of the water treatment system, air conditioning and lighting, combined with modern energy recovery systems, will enable energy-efficient use of the swimming hall in the future," says construction manager Paavo Vuori.

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