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The city of Riihimäki participates in the Omakoti fair in Vantaa

23.10.2023 Releases Living in Riihimäki Fair Residence Personal local guide Plot

Graphic blue, green, yellow announcement: Omakoti fair 27-29.10.2023 October XNUMX. In Vantaa's Myyrmäki hall. We are in!

The city of Riihimäki will participate in the Omakoti fair organized in Vantaa from 27 to 29.10.2023 October 14. The city of Riihimäki, housing and construction possibilities, and land supply will be presented at the fair stand IXNUMX. Experts in land services, construction supervision and urban planning work in the department. Every day of the fair, you can also meet a Riihimäki-based volunteer Sieänheittäjja at the stand, who tells the fair visitors about Riihimäki as a place to live.

The exhibition stand of the city of the irresistible guard

At the Riihimäki city fair stand, we want to communicate the ease of living in a compact city. Services and nature are nearby, and Riihimäki's location near big cities is excellent. The city serves commuters and telecommuters well. These themes have been taken into account in the department's illustrations, props and brochures.

Anyone considering moving to Riihimäki gets the help of a Riihimäki Introductor - a person who introduces the city and introduces the real Riihimäki. In this way, those considering moving can more easily find breathtaking landscapes, everyday activities and even the best coffee shop in town.

"It's been great to notice how enthusiastically the locals, who act as volunteer Throwers, have joined the fair team. With the help of entrants, we can bring a real resident's point of view to our stand, which will certainly bring added value to the fair visitors", says Mia Miettinen, communications and marketing manager of the city of Riihimäki, with joy.

Omakoti fair for almost three decades

The Omakoti fair organized in Vantaa's Myyrmäki hall is a special event for construction, renovation, decoration and living with a long tradition. At the fair, you can find inspiring interior design ideas, interesting knowledge attacks and talks by experts. At the fair, you can also watch work demonstrations by professionals.

Cities and municipalities are also actively involved in fairs. The trade fair stands of cities and municipalities are gathered in the fair hall in their own corridor, in the plot block. In 2023, the event will be held for the 27th time. This year's Omakoti fair is the first for the town of Riihimäki.

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