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The land swimming pool will be opened on Wednesday, May 22

21.5.2024 Releases Welfare and health Outdoor pool Exercise

Swimming pool outside in a spring landscape.
Photo: Markus Rantsi

Riihimäki's land-based swimming pool will open for city residents on Wednesday, May 22 at 11 a.m. The land-based swimming pool will be open less frequently for the first week and a half, from Wednesday to Sunday, and from Monday, June 3, every day.

The outdoor fair will not affect the opening hours of the land swimming pool this year. Maauimala is open normally also during Erämessu on the weekend of 7-9. June. Check the opening hours from maauimala's website.

The renovation of the swimming pool affects the services of the land swimming pool

The saunas in the swimming pool are not available to guests of the land swimming pool, as the swimming pool is still under renovation. The traffic park on the roof of the swimming pool and the gym in the swimming pool are also out of use.

However, the visitors of the land swimming pool will still be able to take a sauna this summer with the help of a tent sauna. The tent sauna can accommodate about eight people at once. It is a mixed sauna and you can take a bath wearing a bathing suit or a towel. On Fridays, a sauna-free day is celebrated, when even those suffering from smoke can come and enjoy the land pool.

Versatile pools

Riihimäki's inland swimming pool is quite diverse in its pools. Mauimala has a large eight-lane pool, a diving tower pool and a slide pool, as well as shallow teaching and children's pools. Maauimala also has a grandstand and a grassy area suitable for sunbathing. The grass area will be smaller this summer than before, because the renovation of the swimming hall will take part of it.

The water temperature of the pools is 25 degrees, the children's pool 26 degrees. The swimming pools are covered at night with pool covers, which save energy and the evaporation of water and heat from the pools. The area is also guarded at night.

More than 30 customers visit Maauimala every year.

Maauimala is located at Salpausseläntie 16.

See admission fees, opening hours and contact information from maauimala's website.

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