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Use the selection of the E-library to your advantage

13.5.2024 Releases Welfare and health Library

A young man and woman are listening to an audio book together and lying on the bed.
Photo: Suvi-Tuuli Kankaanpää

The municipalities' joint E-library opened on Monday, April 29. The people of Riihimäki can now borrow e-books, audiobooks and digital magazines from the E-library free of charge and without a library card.

The e-library is used with an application that is downloaded to a phone or tablet from the application store. The name of my application is E-library. The service is registered with strong identification, for example with bank credentials.

The guardian registers on behalf of the child under 13 years old. If necessary, you can ask the library for help in setting up the service.

The service is produced by the National Library in cooperation with public libraries.

E-books and e-audio books can be borrowed for two weeks - no return hassle

The e-book and e-audiobook can be borrowed for two weeks, after which the book is returned automatically. You can also return the book yourself before the end of the loan period.

There is a limited number of reading rights, so you may have to queue for the most popular materials. Reservations can be made for e- and audio books. There can be five loans at once, as well as reservations.

More materials are constantly being acquired, so there is something new to read and listen to every week.

The old e- and audiobook service Ellibs will be discontinued in all Ratamo libraries at the end of June.

Digital magazines can be borrowed for two hours

The e-library also makes it possible to read digital visual versions of magazines through a mobile application and a later website. You can read the magazine for two hours at a time. The supplier of e-magazines is the ePress service.

Read more about the E-library The National Library web page.