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25 people from Riihimäkä signed up to become Insäänheittäjä

28.3.2023 Releases Living in Riihimäki Welfare and health Participate and influence Population Residence Personal local guide Communication and marketing

In the picture, the text: "Sinustako Sisäänheittäjä", Riihimäki's logo and Janne Kataja, who is holding a sign. The sign says "You, me and Riihimäki"

In February, the city of Riihimäki launched a search for the Infiltrators alongside Janne Kataja. Based on the application, the first 25 Throwers will participate in a training event organized by the city. The task of the ushers is to help and guide people and families moving to the city or considering moving.

"Those who are considering moving to Riihimäki can apply for their own Introductor on 28.3. from The city will look for its own Säänhäittäjä for those who are considering a move, for example, based on shared interests," says Mika Herpiö, director of vitality.

Those thinking of moving to Riihimäki can register to be dropped in with the form found on the city's website.

"We have lived in Riihimäki for a few years, and perhaps that's why we know how to look at the locality with the eyes of those who are considering moving. We have found good services and plenty of hobby opportunities in Riihimäki and met new nice people. It would be great if we could even find new friends as Insäänhäitättägi, Mira and Niko Ahjoniemi, who signed up as Insäänhäitättägi, say.

Introverts commit to at least one meeting with a potential mover. The recruiter can take someone considering a move on a tour of the city, introduce the area's services or familiarize them with the area's nature and exercise opportunities. After this, the activity continues as agreed between the persons.

The application to be a Personal local guide is valid for the time being. New Introductors are trained as needed. The city rewards the Invaders with R product packages. All kinds of people from Riihmäki are still wanted as throwers; families with children, couples, singles and senior citizens. You can register as a volunteer with the form found on the city's website.