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Observation picture of the general plan of the station area. The view from the green street, from the travel center in the direction of Voimala. New construction in the block of the power plant and Atom.
The view from the green street, from the travel center in the direction of Voimala. Photo: General plan of the station area, LSV-Jolma-TUPA


The best construction sites in Riihimäki are available in Asemanpuisto

The development of Riihimäki's station area, or Asemanpuisto, is one of the flagship projects of Riihimäki's city strategy, #UusiRiksu. Riihimäki is a close-knit city of almost 30 inhabitants built around the railway station, along the main railway line, in the metropolitan area. Our population has been steadily increasing for decades.

Asemanpuisto consists of the following areas:

  • Locomotive stables and Power plant
  • Peltosaari
  • Jokikylä
  • Suokylä
  • Wetland park

In Asemanpuisto, life is close.

Riihimäki is a vibrant city full of interesting strata, history, today and future possibilities. Asemanpuisto is part of a vibrant and renewing city center. In Asemanpuisto, life is close and everyday life is smooth, because all services are close by.

Asemanpuisto is the active and green core of Riihimäki

The new apartments and services to be built in Asemanpuisto will attract residents from the surrounding areas, the capital region, and those moving from the north to the south. Riihimäki railway station is a busy junction station, from where you can reach the center of Helsinki in less than 50 minutes and Tampere in an hour. The connections are versatile and frequent, as Riihimäki is one of the commuter train stations in the capital region.

The changes in housing trends during the Corona era are turning interest to wider areas near the capital region, and we believe that Riihimäki, which has survived the pandemic well so far, will be the obvious winner in the new situation. Maybe next we will experience the Riihimäki phenomenon.

Asemanpuisto, located next to the city center, contains interesting additional building sites. It is clear that Riihimäki's most attractive construction sites are being shared right now.

Welcome to take advantage of the unique opportunities in Asemanpuisto!

#ElämäOnLehelle #UusiRiksu #Asemanpuisto

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